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Sunday, 06 April 2014 10:17

Jennifer's March 2014 Reads

Monthly Totals:
Books Read: 43
Ebooks Read: 41
Paper Books Read: 2
Review Books Read: 17


firstdownlovetogoBecca Kent has just published her first book in the National Dating League series called FIRST DOWN AND LOVE TO GO.  
Inspired by a Fantasy Football League, two women blitz the city of Boston to change the game of romance by creating their own National Dating League, resulting in a series of comic misadventures - all in pursuit of the perfect man.

Published: Feb. 21, 2014

Words: 36,760

Language: English


Sunday, 30 March 2014 19:51

Review: Nobody by Sarah M. Anderson

nobody cover smallerNobody by Sarah M. Anderson (contemporary, self-published, March 2014, $3.49, 274pp)




Series: Book three in the Men of the White Sandy


Nobody Bodine is a nobody who came from a nobody and will always be a nobody. 

Nobody CoverToday, Sarah M. Anderson stops by to reveal the cover to her latest Men of the White Sandy book, Nobody.


Nobody is available as an ebook now at Amazon , Kobo , Google Play, B & N, and Apple. Print editions will be available May 1, 2014 at your favorite online bookseller.


Blurb for Nobody:

Nobody Bodine came from a nobody and will always be a nobody. He can disappear into the shadows—no one can see him if he doesn’t want them to. He exists on the edge, in neither the white man’s world nor the tribe’s, dispensing vigilante justice when he sees fit. There’s no other place for a man like him in this world.


Until Melinda Mitchell shows up on the rez. From the first moment he lays eyes on her, he can tell there’s something different about her. For starters, she’s not afraid of him. She asks where his scars came from, and why he has so many. But more than that, she sees him. For the first time in his life, Nobody feels like a somebody in her eyes.


Melinda has come west to run the new day care on the White Sandy Reservation. She’s intrigued by this strange man and his tattered skin, and when she discovers that he’s a self-appointed guardian angel for the boy in her care, she realizes that there’s more to Nobody than meets the eyes. But how far will he go to keep the boy safe? And will she be able to draw him into the light?


Thursday, 13 March 2014 18:23

Dragon Shifter Recommendations

cover dragonBoundToday, a reader asked for recommendations for books with dragon shifters. I’m not a big reader of dragon shifters, so I couldn’t offer much help. I did ask for help on twitter though and got several responses. So, if you are a fan of dragon shifters, here are some books you might want to check out.

  • Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison – This is one of my all-time favorite books and one of the few dragon shifter books that I’ve read.
  • Dragon Prime by Lora Leigh – I’m a huge Lora Leigh fan, so I had to throw this one into the mix even though it is outrageously expensive.
  • Lorenda Christiansen has two out Never Deal with Dragons and Dancing with Dragons (okay, this one is out soon).
  • Bianca d’Arc has a series called Dragon Knights that several people mentioned. Someone even called them cracktastic.
  • Coreene Callahan writes the Dragonfury series.
  • Kira Bradley has the Deadglass trilogy.
  • Isobel Cooper’s Legend of the Highland Dragon.
  • Donna Grant’s The Dark Kings stories feature dragons.


Monday, 10 March 2014 15:51

Review: Theirs to Cherish

08-theirs-to-cherish2-200x300Theirs to Cherish by Shayla Black (erotic, Berkley, March 2014, $16.00, 400pp)


Series: Wicked Lover, book 8


The perfect place for a woman on the run to disappear…
Accused of a horrific murder she didn’t commit, former heiress Callie Ward has been a fugitive since she was sixteen—until she found the perfect hideout, Club Dominion. The only problem is she’s fallen for the club’s master, Mitchell Thorpe, who keeps her at arm’s length. Little does she know that his reasons for not getting involved have everything to do with his wounded heart…and his consuming desire for her.

Sunday, 02 March 2014 15:04

Review: Surrender to Fire

SurrenderToFire72lgSurrender to Fire by Skylar Kade (erotic, Samhain, February 2014, $4.50, 180pp)


Series: The Maison Chronicles


Reeling from the double whammy of her Dom’s abandonment, and accusations of colluding with a plagiarizing author, all literary agent Camille Winter wants is some low-profile, drama-free quality time.


Just as she’s settling into a Maison Domine cabin with her to-be-read pile and a full slate of spa appointments, she finds herself sweet talked into playing topless assistant so some Dominant can run a BDSM educational demo.


Saturday, 01 March 2014 14:49

Review: Having Her

HavingHer-smHaving Her by Jackie Ashenden (erotic, Samhain, February 2014, $5.50, 263pp)


Series: Lies We Tell, book 2


Manga café owner Kara Sinclair has one burden she’s been carrying around so long it’s bordering on pathetic. Her virginity. Getting rid of it, though, means doing the one thing that scares her the most—letting down her guard with a relative stranger. Which makes her best friend’s older brother Vin Fox’s offer too tempting to refuse.


Saturday, 01 March 2014 14:40

Jennifer's February 2014 Reads

Monthly Totals:
Books Read: 39
Ebooks Read: 36
Paper Books Read: 3
Review Books Read: 17

Monday, 17 February 2014 21:10

Review: Apples Should Be Red

ApplesShouldBeRedApples Should Be Red by Penny Watson (contemporary, February 2014, self-published, $1.99, 21,000 words)




Recipe for Thanksgiving Dinner:

Start with 62-year old politically incorrect, chain-smoking, hard-cussing curmudgeon.


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