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Thursday, 03 March 2016 18:26

February #SpurtCount2016

Books Read: 38

Books With Spurts: 13

Spurts: 24

Love Spurts: 15

Non-Love Spurts: 9



  • Mastered by Mavericks by Angel Payne 8 (1 love spurts, 7 non-love spurt)

  • Bound, Spanked and Loved anthology by various authors 4 (4 love spurts)


Spurt of the Month: “Neither fish nor foul nor bonny, bonny prince. For you see, though His Grace was born of the most royal semen that ever spurted from kingly pud, his mother was but an actress.” from Duke of Sin by Elizabeth Hoyt (out on May 31, 2016). This is a quote from dialogue from the book’s hero, Valentine Napier, the Duke of Montgomery. It is my first kingly-pud spurt ever - and probably my last!

Thursday, 03 March 2016 18:21

Jennifer's February 2016 Reads

Monthly Totals:

Books Read: 37
Ebooks Read: 36
Paper Books Read: 1

Review Books Read: 11


AgainstWallAgainst the Wall by Jill Sorenson (contemporary, New Adult, Loveswept, February 2016)




Eric Hernandez is the bad boy of every schoolgirl’s fantasies—and every mother’s nightmares. But after serving time for manslaughter, he’s ready to turn his life around. He just needs a chance to prove himself as a professional tattoo artist. The one thing that keeps him going is the memory of the innocent beauty he loved and left behind.


MidnightRevengMidnight Revenge by Elle Kennedy (romantic suspense, Signet Eclipse, February 2016)


Series: Killer Instincts, book seven


Out of all the stone-cold mercenaries in Jim Morgan's black ops organization, Derek "D" Pratt is the most intimidating. He is tight-lipped and covered in tattoos, and even the other guys on his team are afraid to ask him about his past. D's been off the grid for years, but after his teammate Sullivan is mistakenly captured in his place, D is forced to come out of hiding and face his demons.


When D lands in Mexico, he's ready to risk everything to save his friend. To complicate matters, Sofia Amaro, a feisty doctor whom D had a one-night stand with months ago, has tracked him down. And in an instant she's unintentionally caught up in his life-threatening rescue mission.


HotDudesHot Dudes Coloring Book by DC Taylor (coloring book, Berkley, February 2016)


In the tradition of Color Me Swoon, an adult coloring book featuring handsome heartthrobs and sexy bad boys.


Handsome heartthrobs and sexy bad boys have stepped out of your fantasies and slipped into the Hot Dudes Coloring Book. Enjoy bringing the men of your dreams to life—in living color!


Monday, 01 February 2016 17:18

January #SpurtCount2016

Books Read: 29

Books With Spurts: 16

Spurts: 29

Love Spurts: 20

Non-Love Spurts: 9



  • Two Cuts Darker by Joely Sue Burkhart 5 (4 love spurts, 1 non-love spurt)

  • Wife Me Bad Boy by Chance Carter 5 (5 love spurts)

Spurt of the Month: “She was taking his come like it was chocolate sauce or good booze, and that made him twitch and spurt again.” from Drive by Teresa Noelle Roberts (out on February 2, 2016. It is the chocolate reference that made this spurt the Spurt of the Month.

Monday, 01 February 2016 16:58

Jennifer's January 2016 Reads

Monthly Totals:

Books Read: 29

Ebooks Read: 29
Paper Books Read: 0

Review Books Read: 14

DNF: 1


TakingTheLeadTaking the Lead by Cecilia Tan (erotic, Forever, January 2016)




Series: Secrets of a Rock Star, book 1


Everyone knows Ricki Hamilton as the icy heiress living in a billion-dollar mansion, high up in the Hollywood Hills. But few realize that behind the gilded gates, Ricki is the mistress of LA's most exclusive private club. A place where no fantasy is forbidden and no one goes unsatisfied-except for Ricki. If she had her way, she'd leave the business behind . . . until she meets the one man with the power to change her mind.


FallRedQueenThe Fall of the Red Queen by Lexxi Callahan (contemporary, self published, January 2016)




Series: Southern Style, book 3


Madlyn Robicheaux earned her reputation as the Red Queen. She crushes her opponents with a calculated ruthlessness that never loses. Jared Marshall is a distraction she doesn’t want or need. Even worse, he’s a threat. If she’s not careful, he could blow the lid off everything she’s spent ten years protecting, but crushing Jared is proving as impossible as resisting him.


shatteredheartShattered Heart by Dorothy F. Shaw (contemporary, Samhain, January 2016)


Series: The Donnellys, book 3


When Cynthia Donnelly lays eyes on her high school crush at her brother’s wedding rehearsal, she regrets her self-imposed, one-year moratorium on dating. If possible, he’s even hotter now than when they were teens.


Back in school, Shane made a point to ignore his best friend’s cute, sassy little sister. Now that she’s grown into an incredibly sexy woman full of Irish spunk, resisting her is out of the question. Besides, in his book, all “hands-off” rules have expired

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