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“Bound by Him” by Red Garnier (ebook)
I adore this cracktastic series. It is so out there. In this one, billionaire Andrew finally comes home after years away. He comes home for Whitney who he loves. Whitney isn’t so thrilled though because Andrew simply left her alone for years with no word. Of course, Andrew was in jail for having protected Whitney. Red Garnier writes the best WTF, crack reads.


“An Angel Exposed” by Peyton Elizabeth (ebook)
I can’t stop reading this series about people who contract with a company called Safeword, LLC to find perfect mates. This service caters to two dominant men looking for one submissive female. I’m fascinated by the fact that there seem to be no shortage of people looking for this unique arrangement. This was a strong entry into the series.


“The Accidental Submissive” by Leah J. Michaels (ebook)
I read this one because of the title. How does one get to be an accidental submissive? Well Karen delivers some jewelry to an exclusive hotel named the Mansion. Someone convinces her to stay the night. She ends up in the room of a submissive who is to be auctioned off. This is how she ends up on the auction block, purchased by a known sadist. The hotel’s manager steps in. I enjoyed the romance and the exploration of D/s between the couple. I wasn’t as into the suspense/murder plot as much though.


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“Smoking Holt” by Sabrina York (ebook)
In this erotic romance, Bella and Holt finally hook up after years of dancing around an intense attraction. The problem is that Holt is a Dom and Bella doesn’t think she is submissive. The back and forth between Bella and Holt is well done. I loved their negotiating. I also found this to be a very hot book.


“No Dress Required” by Cari Quinn (ebook)
This is a cute romance about a woman who plans to seduce her best friend’s older brother. Her plans go awry when she is carjacked. This is a short one, but a fun read.


“Naked Sushi” by Jina Bacarr (ebook, review copy, NetGalley)
Review to come


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“Stay With Me” by Elyssa Patrick (ebook, review copy)
Review to come. But, when I think of New Adult romance, this is exactly what I would like it to be – and is really what I want to read.


“Beyond Pain” by Kit Rocha (ebook, review copy)
Review to come.


“Bared by Him” by Red Garnier (ebook)
Cade has closed himself off to love after losing his young wife to cancer. He is incensed when Ivy walks into his office demanding he contribute to her cancer charity. Ivy pushes Cade – hard, and of course, Cade pushes back convincing Ivy to share his bed. The story is intensely passionate and erotic, but (like all the others in this series) seriously cracktastic.


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“The Billionaire’s Beck and Call” by Delilah Fawkes (ebook)
I’m still not sure what to make of this one which features a heroine who becomes the hero’s assistant – and then his love slave. It was okay, but not entirely memorable.


“Do Not Disturb” An Erotica Collection” anthology (ebook)
This anthology has several erotic novellas featuring hotel rooms. I enjoyed most of the stories and found them very steamy.


“Drawn Together” by Lauren Dane (ebook, review copy, NetGalley)
Review to come. This one isn’t out until October 2013.


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“Tie Me” by Olivia Cunning (ebook)
This erotic romance was okay. Overall, I enjoyed it. However, I had a hard time connecting with Kellen, the hero. I’m also not terribly interested in the characters in this series unfortunately.


“A Simple Twist of Fate” by HelenKay Dimon (ebook)
This is the second book in HelenKay Dimon’s Hanover Brothers series featuring three brothers who inherit a house – a house in a town where their deceased father fleeced many people. I got caught up in the series arc in the first book and was looking forward to Beck and Sophie’s story. I found the romance to be engaging and romantic. The sexual tension between Beck and Sophie was intense, fueled by a sexy scene where Sophie walks in on a naked Beck. I cannot wait for the third brother’s story which should end the series arc.


“Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet” by Darynda Jones (ebook)
I adore Charley Davidson, the heroine in this series by Jones. She is the Grim Reaper and is having an interesting sort of relationship with the son of Satan. Things with said son, Reyes, heat up considerably in this one. These books are perfect, fun, summer reads.

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“Gabriel’s Heart” by Rebecca Joyce (ebook)
I kind of thought Gabriel (one of the two heroes in this book) was an ass. I wasn’t sure why he kept pushing the heroine away when it was so obvious she loved him (and he loved her back).


“Not Until You Part VI: Not Until You Surrender” by Roni Loren (ebook)
I feel as if I have to finish reading this serialized novel before I can formulate an opinion.


“Innocence Defied” by Lainey Reese (ebook)
I’m not sure that I can formulate my thoughts on this book coherently. It was a rough, rough read for me. I felt as if the heroine came across as a young teenager rather than a young adult. This made it very difficult for me to buy the romance. I was rather disappointed in this story, especially as I am a very huge fan of the other books in this series.


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“His Desire Her Surrender” by Malia Mallory (ebook)
I read the first book in this series and enjoyed it, so I wanted to see what was next for Marcus and Tabitha. I was a bit turned off by the office intrigue, and the way that Marcus rushes to judgment against Tabitha.


“Doubled” by Charlotte Stein (ebook, re-read)
This is an erotic romance about twin brothers and the woman they both love. They seduce her and try to ease her into accepting a commitment with them both. This is a very hot story.


“His Slave” by Vonna Harper (ebook)
Vonna Harper writes very dark BDSM romances, usually with capture or dubious consent plots. This one was very difficult for me to read. Cheyenne is given an assignment to infiltrate a BDSM club by her bosses. She is told to work with Mace who also works for the same people. But, it turns out that Cheyenne’s bosses have their eyes on her for another reason. They want to kidnap her and make her a slave in their secret world. They want Mace to train her and then become a part of their world. Ugh!


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“Bonds of Justice” by Lynda Aicher (ebook, review copy, NetGalley)
Review to come


“Cin’s Secret” by Diane Leyne (ebook)
This one was too short for me to really get into. I had trouble connecting with the heroine or the twin doms.


“The Billionaire’s Ultimatum: His Absolute Need” by Cerys du Lys (ebook)
A review of this very bizarre, cracky and out there book is to come. This one was an experience that did bad things to my psyche.


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“Seduction” by Nicole Edwards (ebook)
I read this book because of a conversation on Twitter and a specific recommendation for this author. This was a cute, erotic romance about a woman returning home and getting involved with the man she has lusted after for years. I definitely enjoyed this story and am considering reading some additional titles by this author.


“Sweetened with a Kiss” by Lexxi Callahan (ebook, review copy)
I highly recommend this contemporary author. See full review.


“Hers to Command” by Patricia A. Knight (ebook)
This book reminded me a great deal of Lora Leigh’s Wizard Twins books – a book where a committed ménage (although in this case the committed group is m/m/f rather than m/f/m) can help produce enhanced magic to save their planet. The planet is actually sentient and plays a role in the romance. I enjoyed it, but found the world building to be a bit too convoluted.


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“Under the Dom’s Thrall” by Jorja Lovett (ebook)
This was a free read. It is an erotic, BDSM story. It is very short (as advertised). It was a quick read. I didn’t expect the paranormal angle though.


“Worthy of a Billionaire’s Attention” by Krista Lakes (ebook)
This erotic, BDSM romance featuring two characters who used to be lovers. I enjoyed the relationship between the hero and the heroine and wanted to continue reading about these two. However, I wasn’t up for finding out if this was a serial or not.


“Reclaiming His Submissive” by Eliza Gayle (ebook)
When Harper tells her master that she loves him, he doesn’t respond. Harper believes the relationship is over. However, Alex isn’t about to let her go. This is a short erotic romance. I very much enjoyed it.


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