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Tuesday, 06 February 2018 19:27

Romance Recommendations for February 6, 2018

Looking for something to read this week? I’ve got some new romances that might fit the bill.

OffLimitsOff Limits by Clare Connelly (contemporary, Harlequin Dare, February 2018): Off Limits by Clare Connelly is one of the first books in Harlequin’s new Dare Line which promised to be a super sexy line set in glamorous cities across the world. In Off Limits, billionaire businessman Jack Grant and his blue-blooded right-hand woman (and in house counsel) Lady Gemma Pictou finally give into a longstanding and long-denied attraction. The sex is intense and plentiful (the Dare line does live up to its super sexy promise) as is the emotion. Jack is a bit of the standard billionaire alpha douchebag hero who bangs anything that moves. He is a self-tortured soul, who lost his wife and tries to soothe his loneliness with as many women as possible. However, Gemma is different and Jack can’t move on after what was supposed to be a one-time encounter.

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Monday, 23 October 2017 19:00

Review: Taken by Jennifer Dawson

TakenTaken by Jennifer Dawson (erotic, self published, October 2017)




Series: Undone, book 4


Brandon Townsend III


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Saturday, 30 September 2017 12:35

Review: In Her Court by Tamsen Parker

InHercourtIn Her Court by Tamsen Parker (contemporary, self published, September 2017)


Series: Camp Firefly Falls, book 18 (continuity series by multiple authors)


Newly minted professor Evangeline “Van” Thompson’s academic dreams have turned into nightmares. She can’t wait to escape the pressure cooker of the university to spend the summer at Camp Firefly Falls with her bestie, Nate.


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Saturday, 12 August 2017 17:30

Latest Review: The Red by Nora Sutherlin

TheRedThe Red by Nora Sutherlin (aka Tiffany Reisz) (erotic, 8th Circle Press, July 2017)




Mona Lisa St. James made a deathbed promise that she would do anything to save her mother's art gallery. Unfortunately, not only is The Red painted red, but it's in the red.


Just as she realizes she has no choice but to sell it, a mysterious man comes in after closing time and makes her an offer: He will save The Red if she agrees to submit to him for the period of one year.


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Sunday, 06 August 2017 18:48

Review: Rogue Desire Anthology

RogueDesireRogue Desire: A Romance Anthology (contemporary, self-published, July 2017)




When all else fails, find love.


Eight brand new romances for fans of the West Wing, fired-up #resistance fighters, and everyone who ever had a crush on that guy at a protest...


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bridesmaidhurricaneThe Bridesmaid and the Hurricane by Kelly Maher (contemporary, self-published, July 2017)


Series: Capital Kisses, book 1


Being a woman in TV is hard enough, but when the boss is trying to derail Radhika O’Leary’s career from behind the scenes, she has to make sure every aspect of her work—and her life—stands up to scrutiny.


Of course, the double standard is alive and well and Malcolm Jones, the broadcast meteorologist known as “Colm” to his friends and “The Hurricane Hottie” to his fangirls, knows that fame can hurt just as much as it helps. When Colm moves to DC, he’s excited to work with Radhika—her professional reputation is sparkling, and so are the kisses they shared that one weekend over a year ago when he was in town covering a blizzard.


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KeepingHisCommandmentsKeeping His Commandments by Elle Keating (erotic, self published, June 2017)



Desire, lust, love…


You’re not supposed to feel those things for a woman, and you’re definitely not allowed to act on them when you’re a Catholic priest. I had taken vows; vows that I’ve upheld for eight celibate years, and had made a promise to God that I swore I would never break.

But then I met Eva, my stepmother’s estranged twenty-eight-year-old daughter, and she made me forget who I was. What I was.

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Looking for something to read? Here are some recent releases that might be right up your alley.


withaprinceJeffe Kennedy’s With a Prince, the second book in the Missed Connections series, is a quick-reading romance in which the shy and awkward Marcia meets the bad boy Damien. This is a sexy story with a bit of a mistaken identity plot, as Damien pretends to be somebody else for much of the book. There is a reason for his deception, having to do with Marcia’s friends and an incident that happened in the first book of the series. While I did feel a bit irritated with Damien for the deception, the romance is strong and hot. Damien has just enough bad boy in him to get Marcia to move out of her comfort zone, which she desperately needed. Marcia does come across as a bit prickly and is hard to connect to. But she is having some personal issues that have her life out of sorts. She did grow on me as the story progressed. I will say that the mistaken identity plot and Marcia’s friend’s role in were my least favorite part of the story.  But Kennedy did a very good job resolving this conflict between Marcia and her friend - and as a result with Damien. This can be read as a stand alone, but readers will be missing out on some backstory between Marcia and her friend if they don’t read Just Dance first.



lostwithoutyouLost Without You is the first book in a new series by M. O’Keefe. It is an angst-filled story, mostly the result of the tortured past history between its main characters, Tommy and Beth. The two were romantically involved as teenagers living in a home for court-appointed juveniles and cruelly torn apart. In order to escape jail time, young Tommy made a deal with a shadowy figure who only required that Tommy pledge a future favor. Years later, the shadowy figure comes calling, asking Tommy to pick someone up and deliver the person to a specific location. The catch is that the person is Beth, a strungout, now-famous singer who needs help. But Beth begs Tommy to break his promise when they arrive at the location (a rehab center) and find Beth’s mother there. Tommy cannot resist spiriting Beth away. Thus, the two reconnect, rediscover their feelings for each other, make plans and then BAM, cliffhanger ending ensues. I have to be honest and say that I didn’t read the description of Lost Without You before I started reading it and had no idea that this was part one of two, so the cliffhanger caught me totally off guard. There was much rage, mostly because I was so caught up in Tommy and Beth’s romance. There is so much emotion, angst and tension between these two that I could almost feel the heat between them. Fortunately, the second book is out very soon - and I cannot wait to find out what happens!!!


preservationRNNREad2-3One of my most highly anticipated books of 2017 was Kate Canterbary’s Preservation, the story featuring the last of the single Walsh siblings, Riley. Riley is the youngest member of the family and the one that often needs care and feeding from his siblings. He has been tragically in love with his brother Matt’s wife Lauren for much of the series, something that has been so painful for me to witness throughout these books. In Preservation, we finally meet his lady love, the identity of whom is considered a spoiler - so she shall remain nameless. However, she is perfect for Riley. These two start out as friends who act as dates for each other at certain functions. They spend a great deal of time together in this friends-only state until things get physical one night after too much alcohol. Their path to true love is rocky, but is also filled with snark, is highly funny and is super sexy. Riley knows his way around a woman’s body and has some hidden magic in his boxers (hidden magic that is large enough to be the cause of the fact that his zippers can never seem to stay zipped!!!). I have loved Riley from the very beginning of the series, always cracking up when he walked in on each one of his siblings having sex with their loves. And Canterbary had the perfect revenge laid out with a sexy photo and a group text mishap (kudos for Canterbary for this scene - a perfect 10). Anyway, all of the Walsh books are fantastic romances with very sexy shenanigans, emotional turmoil up the wazoo and hard fought HEAs. Riley’s romance is the perfect ending for the Walsh sibling books (not necessarily the end of the series . . . ). I highly recommend all of the books, but in particular Preservation game me all the happy and tingly feels. Preservation can be read as a stand alone, although the series does work best if read in order. Go ahead and let Riley surprise the pants off you!

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WaydownDeepWay Down Deep by Cara McKenna and Charlotte Stein (erotic, self published, June 2017)


An erotic romance…told entirely through text messages.


The words he typed were never meant to be read, yet they found their way to her. Two wounded strangers, prisoners of their own lives, brought together by a wayward text.


Without ever hearing each other’s voices, a friendship blooms between them. Without ever seeing each other’s faces, an attraction grows. Without ever touching, the two become lovers.

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EnemiesLikeYouEnemies Like You by Joanna Chambers and Annika Martin (romantic suspense, m/m, self published, May 2017)


They're dangerous men. Absolute enemies. And totally hot for each other.

*A standalone M/M forbidden bodyguard/spy romance (includes prequel!)*


Will has never met anyone like Kit. He's arrogant. Gorgeous. Lethal. The most expensive bodyguard money can buy.


And Will can't seem to resist him.

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