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Monday, 17 December 2012 20:43

Review: Under the Mistletoe

Under-the-Mistletoe-cover-200x322“Under the Mistletoe” by Jill Shalvis (contemporary, Forever Yours, December 2012, $1.99, 14,000 words)




Series: Lucky Harbor



There's no place like home for the holidays. And the Lucky Harbor Bed & Breakfast is bursting with festive lights and good cheer. But for Mia, Christmas is turning out to be anything other than merry and bright. Her recent break-up with her boyfriend Nick has made her return bittersweet. But then a surprise arrives, when Nick follows her to town bearing gifts-and asking for forgiveness.

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“A Very Naughty Xmas” anthology including “Share Me” by Olivia Cunning, “Jingle Bell” by Cari Quinn, “Light Me Up” by Cherrie Lynn, “An Indecent Proposition” by Stephanie Julian and “Christmas is Coming” by Raven Morris (ebook)
Ugh! I don’t know exactly what to say about this anthology. I loved Cherrie Lyn’s story in which the author revisits two of her characters from a previous story. This story worked as a perfect epilogue for their HEA. I also enjoyed Stephanie Julian’s story which had a scarred hero finding a passion that helps him return to the living. Cari Quinn’s story was okay as was the one by Raven Morris. However, I was totally unprepared for Olivia Cunning’s story which is in no way a romance. The story is an account of an orgy on a bus populated by rock stars. It wasn’t my thing at all.


“Highlander Most Wanted” by Maya Banks (review copy, ebook, edelweiss)
This historical romance will be out in March of 2013.


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Sunday, 16 December 2012 16:45

Review: A Bluestocking Christmas

BluestockingChristmas MBurn-200x300“A Bluestocking Christmas” by Monica Burns (historical, self-published, November 2012, $3.99, 198pp)


As a young man, Simon, Viscount Wycombe learned the painful truth that a tradesman’s daughter is suitable only for liaisons and nothing more. But Ivy Beecham is a far cry from his preconceived notions, and he’s determined to have her. But when she rejects him, it only increases his determination to seduce her into a world of sin and pleasure.

Ivy Beecham knows first-hand that handsome aristocrats like Simon can’t be trusted. But the intellectual scoundrel is hellbent on making her his mistress, using every means at his seductive disposal. When she refuses to give away her heart on Christmas Eve, a ghostly specter shows her in one night why her surrender can be the greatest gift of all.


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Sunday, 16 December 2012 15:02

Review: Master Class

CarrCassandra MasterClass coversm“Master Class” by Cassandra Carr (erotic, Loose ID, December 2012, $5.99, 157pp)




Ryan Tomasi feels like a failure. His marriage is officially over; the ink dried on the divorce decree. His friend Jack introduces him to BDSM and he agrees to attend a Halloween party at a club. A submissive approaches him, offering herself, and how can he refuse the kneeling beauty? They do a whirlwind scene and Ryan is addicted--both to dominance and to her.

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“Beg Me” by Desiree Holt (ebook, re-read)
I thought I had already read this story, and it turns out I was right. I enjoyed it the first time I read it (and the second). The heroine agrees to submit to the hero in order to get material for a story. But the two have real connection. I love how Sable holds her ground and makes Alex admit that she isn’t just another submissive, but a woman with whom he must connect.


“Emily’s Seduction” by Natasha Blackthorne (ebook)
I had trouble connecting with this story. Alex has all these deep, dark desires that he has kept hidden from his fiancé. I’m not sure why this is. Also, his desires didn’t seem that dark.


“A Bluestocking Christmas” by Monica Burns (ebook, review copy)
Review to come.


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Sunday, 09 December 2012 12:29

Review: Red Hot Holiday

RedHotHoliday“Red Hot Holiday” anthology including “Wish List” by K.A. Mitchell, “I Need You for Christmas” by Leah Braemel and “Breath on Embers” by Anne Calhoun (erotic, Carina, December 2012, $7.99, 262pp)




“Wish List” by K.A. Mitchell


Blindfolds. Handcuffs. Submission.

There's so much Jonah Kendrick hasn't tried, and so much he wants to explore. But just before Christmas he finds a ring box in his boyfriend's desk. Jonah panics. He loves Evan and their sex is hot, but how can Jonah be ready for forever, when there are so many items on his Naughty Bucket List? Desires that might drive Evan away.


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Thursday, 06 December 2012 20:50

Review: Archangel of Mercy

Archangel-of-Mercy-Small11“Archangel of Mercy” by Christina Ashcroft (paranormal, Berkley Heat, December 2012, $15.00, 368pp)


Between an angel and a desperate woman comes salvation—and a raw passion that challenges them at every turn…

When Aurora Robinson attempts to open a rift between dimensions to embrace her true heritage, an arrogant archangel is the only one who can save her from the jaws of hell. And while she owes Gabriel her life, she’s determined not to fall at his feet—despite the desire she feels whenever they’re together.

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Tuesday, 04 December 2012 20:11

Review: His Christmas Wish

HisChristmasWish“His Christmas Wish” by Marquita Valentine (contemporary novella, self-published, November 2012, $1.99, 95pp)


Series: A Holland Springs holiday novella


There's no time like the Present...

War Hero, Joaquin Morales, returns to Holland Springs after years of estrangement from his family...and his wife. His new mission: To convince his wife that they have a Future together.

Falling in love with her husband for the second time was *not* a part of Sage Caswell's plans for the Holiday Season. She's convinced that what they had belongs in the Past.

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Sunday, 02 December 2012 21:08

Book Picks for the Week of December 3, 2012

RomancingHolidayJaci Burton, HelenKay Dimon & Christi Barth’s “Romancing the Holiday” anthology (Carina) Buy from Amazon
I can’t resist holiday romances. They are a great way for me to get myself into the holiday spirit. Plus, I will read anything written by Jaci Burton. I also enjoy HelenKay Dimon’s books and the one by Christi Barth that I read earlier this year. I will be reading this anthology – in the near future.


Anne Calhoun, KA Mitchell & Leah Braemel’s “Red Hot Holiday” anthology (Carina) Buy from Amazon
This anthology contains my favorite Holiday 2012 romance, “Breath on Embers” by Anne Calhoun. This story is an angst-ridden, deeply emotional and highly erotic experience. Fans of erotic romance must read this one. I do intend to read the additional stories in this anthology. I’ve never read anything by KA Mitchell, but am a big fan of Leah Braemel.


Eloisa James’ “To Wed a Rake” (Berkley) Buy from Amazon
I will anything and everything that Eloisa James writes. I cannot wait to get this book on my ereader on Tuesday.


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“Bed, Breakfast & Bondage” by Riley Shane (ebook)
Anaya and Devlin have been lovers on and off for years. They grew up together, but Devlin wanted to be a celebrity chef and took off to find fame. Anaya remained home and followed her dream. Devlin returns home to help Anaya run her bed & breakfast with a new mission in life. He wants Anaya to give him eight nights to act out their mutual fantasies. This erotic romance has some great sexual tension between the hero and heroine. Also, it takes place during Hanukah, something I haven’t seen too much of in romances.


“A Perfect Trifecta” by Delilah Devlin (ebook)
Aiden and Jen are an established couple with Aiden as the dominant and Jen the submissive. Jen knows that Aiden can’t be as rough as he’d like with her. She believes Aiden needs more in order to open up. As a result, she pushes Aiden to check out Craig, a switch with a need to find a true dominant. This romance is really about how Craig fits into Aiden and Jen’s relationship – and how the relationship grows to include all three. I thought it was well done. And, this is seriously hot.


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