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hitwoman“Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman” by JB Lynn (contemporary, Avon Impulse, February 2012, $7.99, 400pp)




For those who might be looking for some levity to balance out the craziness of life, “Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman” by JB Lynn might be just the thing. Think Stephanie Plum (from Janet Evanovich’s Plum series), Charley Davidson (from Darynda Jones’ books) and Mrs. Smith (character played by Angelina Jolie in the movie, “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”) rolled up into the hilarious Maggie Lee who will have readers wondering if their friends might be moonlighting as bumbling hitmen and hitwomen. Be prepared to laugh, to shake your head in amazement and to root for this killer in training.


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Wednesday, 01 February 2012 21:27

Review: Impact

Impact“Imapact” by Cassandra Carr (erotic, Ellora’s Cave, February 2011, $7.50, 114pp): Connor Raub is a professional bull rider and also a Dom. However, he only indulges his dominant tendencies at an exclusive BDSM club afraid that the conservative people and sponsors in the world of bull riding wouldn’t understand his personal lifestyle choices. Yet, he is intrigued by the new girl working with the tour, Jessica Talbot and has a hard time restraining his desires.


Jessica is of course a submissive, one who has lusted after Connor since seeing him engaged in a scene at his club. She is flattered when Connor expresses interest in her, but then disappointed when he balks at indulging in kink. He adamantly believes that they need to keep their relationship vanilla because of his career.


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Monday, 12 April 2010 19:52

Book Review - Impossible Attraction

coverimpossibleattraction_smallA tragic heroine finds love in “An Impossible Attraction”


“An Impossible Attraction” (Historical, HQN, 425 pages, $7.99), by Brenda Joyce: Alexandra Bolton promised her dying mother that she would care for her father and two younger sisters. And she kept that promise at the sacrifice of her own happiness. She broke up with her fiancé, Owen, and devoted the next nine years to her family.


A talented seamstress, Alexandra takes in sewing to make ends meet after her father, the Baron of Edgemont, squanders the family fortune on drinking and gambling. Her clients, who were once her peers, humiliate her at every turn.

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Thursday, 08 April 2010 18:21

Book Review - Tempt Me If You Can

tempt_me_if_you_can_smallSimplistic Love Manipulates in “Tempt Me If You Can”


"Tempt Me if You Can" (Contemporary, Pocket, 344 pages, $7.99), by Janet Chapman: In "Tempt Me if You Can," author Janet Chapman takes readers to the wilderness of Maine for a story of new-found love and a ready-made family set against a backdrop of unrest over environmental issues.


The life of shipping magnate Ben Sinclair is thrown into chaos when he learns he has a 15-year-old son named Michael, who has been raised by his aunt Emma Sands. He travels to Maine under a pseudonym and becomes a guest at the camp run by Michael and Emma.

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Tuesday, 06 April 2010 11:08

Book Review - Pleasure of a Dark Prince

pleasure_of_a_dark_prince_small“Pleasure” will make readers wish for their own dark prince
“Pleasure of a Dark Prince” (Paranormal, Pocket, 431 pages, $7.99), by Kresley Cole: "Pleasure of a Dark Prince" by Kresley Cole is the ninth installment of the "Immortals After Dark" series, which centers around a rapidly approaching immortal battle known as the Ascension.


Garreth MacRieve, the Prince of the Lykae, is trying to keep his werewolf pack together in the absence of his brother King Lachlain. While playing a not-so-friendly game of werewolf versus demon rugby, Garreth spies Lucia the Huntress and recognizes her as his mate.

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Tuesday, 02 February 2010 07:38

Book Review - Release

release_smallKery’s sexy tale of letting go

“Release” (Erotic, Berkley, 330 pages, $15.00), by Beth Kery: Beth Kery’s “Release” opens with Genevieve Sauren, a widow, left homeless after a devastating fire. She ventures to the apartment owned by her late husband’s company and spies his former partner, Sean Kennedy, playing with a submissive lover.

Genny is horrified and fascinated by the erotic scene until Sean catches sight of her. She can't help but recall being in Sean's arms the one time that her husband, Max, had invited Sean into their bed.

Genny had agreed to the threesome in an effort to rejuvenate their sporadic physical relationship. Genny had found pleasure in Sean’s arms and enjoyed his dominant inclinations – feelings she never experienced with her husband. 


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Tuesday, 23 February 2010 07:33

Book Review - Provocative in Pearls

Provocative_in_Pearls_smallHunter’s latest fortune hunter novel is a true gem


“Provocative in Pearls” (Historical, Jove, 352 pages, $7.99), by Madeline Hunter: The second book in Madeline Hunter’s Rarest Blooms’ Regency series finds Grayson Bridlington, the Earl of Hawkeswell, trying to have his young wife, Verity Thompson, declared dead by the government.


Verity vanished immediately after their wedding, which was a forced marriage arranged by her cousin, Bertram Thompson, for his own betterment. Bertram pressured her into the union by threatening the well-being of the employees now under his control at her late-father’s factory. Grayson agreed to wed Verity for her fortune, but hasn’t been able to access her money due to the circumstances surrounding her disappearance.  Verity planned to hide until she became of age, then return to her hometown to request an annulment and take back her father’s business.



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Monday, 01 February 2010 17:33

Book Review - The Next Best Thing

the_next_best_thing_smallA tale of grief and second chances  


“The Next Best Thing” (Contemporary, HQN, 397 pages, $7.99), by Kristan Higgins: In a story of love found in a most unexpected place, Lucy Lang is a 24-year-old widow in a family of widows who have dedicated their lives to the memories of their spouses and have never remarried.


Lucy’s mother and three aunts, known as the Black Widows, also lost their husbands at a young age. While Lucy would like to have a family, she believes that any man she marries will have a short life expectancy.  Her sister, Connie, also shares the same fear for her husband Chris.


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Tuesday, 02 February 2010 11:39

Book Review - All Night With a Rogue

all_night_with_a_rogue_smallRNNREad2-3Hawkins' debut: A tale of deception and redemption



"All Night with a Rogue" (Historical, St. Martin's Paperbacks, 316 pages, $7.99), by Alexandra Hawkins: To escape an impudent ball escort, Lady Juliana Ivers, gown and all, becomes snagged in a hazel tree. If that's not troubling enough, she becomes an unwilling witness to a couple canoodling a few feet below.

Alexius "Sin" Braverton, the Marquess of Sinclair, notices the tree-bound Juliana and discreetly ends his rendezvous with a married lover to focus on the mysterious woman above. Although put off by his lascivious behavior, Juliana is nonetheless attracted by his virile charm. After helping her to get free, he asks for her name, but before he can learn her identity, she races inside to rejoin her family.

"All Night with a Rogue," the first installment of Alexandra Hawkins' Lords of Vice series, captivates from the first chapter.


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