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RomBkLoveDay27SmallSo for today’s #RomBkLove prompt, I was to ask people what sexual act, thing, activity, etc they would like to see more of in romance novels. This one started out asking about what kink people would like to see more of in their books, but I wanted to expand it. Looking for examples? When I posted about the prompt on twitter, Megan Hart immediately offered up dry humping - and I’ll admit that we don’t see much of that these days. So maybe you want to see something that has gone by the wayside as books get more explicit or maybe you want the envelope to be pushed more and see something like hate pegging (see Tamsen Parker’s story in the Rogue Desire anthology for some of this).


RomBkLoveDay26SmallFor #RomBkLove Day 26, the prompt is about sexiest professions in romance. Which jobs do you find sexiest for the main characters to have? Do you like blue collar workers, cowboys, billionaires, royals, doctors, lawyers, actors, athletes, teachers or some other profession? Maybe your tastes run more to military types? Politicians? Mercenaries? Horse trainers? There are so many options.


RomBkLoveDay25SmallSometimes it seems as if romance, and sex in romance, is for the young. But there are some older characters out there. So, let’s celebrate them today, on day 25 of #RomBkLove. Tell us about those sexy silver foxes, those more mature characters who make you shiver. Who are the sexiest characters in romance who are over 35?


Kristen Ashley is known for older heroes and heroines. Both Motorcycle Man’s Tack and Wild Man’s Brock are excellent examples. I believe their heroines (Tyra and Tess) are both older characters as well - and are both very sexy!


RomBkLoveDay24SmallYesterday was all about sexy contemporary romances, so today, #RomBkLove Day 24, is all about sexy paranormal romances. What do you consider the sexiest paranormal romances? Romances where there are some sexy times with aliens, shifters, vampires, etc or sexy times set in alternate universes, futuristic times or on different planets? Is it the characters that are sexy or the setting? Let us know with the #RomBkLove tag.


I had to think about this one for a bit to find some to suggest. I’ve always found Gena Showalter’s Lords of the Underworld characters to be sexy - hot angels causing trouble and wreaking havoc. Lora Leigh’s Breeds books, especially the early ones, are super sexy with barbed penises and all. Lara Adrian’s Midnight Breeds series has some very hot vampires that I am a big fan of.

Sunday, 23 July 2017 08:48

#RomBkLove Day 23 Sexiest Contemporaries

Written by Jennifer Porter

RomBkLoveDay23SmallFor #RomBkLove Day 23, the prompt is sexy contemporary romances. Let's talk about contemporary-set stories that aren't erotic but are super sexy. Hopefully, there will be a lot to choose from.


Now of course what is the difference between erotic and super sexy romance? I have no idea. I can’t help here. The lines are too blurry these days. So whatever you want to recommend works for me.


RomBkLoveDay22Yesterday, we talked about what trends in sexy and erotic romance that we think should die. There were lots of idea - and some great discussion (that I missed a lot of as I was playing hooky for the day with my husband over on Martha’s Vineyard). So for today, let’s talk about the opposite (kind of): what do you think is the next big trend in sexy/erotic romance or what trend do wish was the next big thing?


I am running late on today’s post, trying to come up with examples. Some I’d like to see are kinky romances that rely less on dominance and submission and focus on other areas of kink (Playing Knotty by Elia Winters is an example of this where the hero is into bondage and rope but isn’t necessarily a dominant; he like to both tie and be tied up).


RomBkLoveDay21Small#RomBkLove Day 21 is all about those trends in erotic or sexy romance that you think should die a fiery death - never to be seen again. Do you have any trends that you think should die? Bad birth control usage? No birth control usage? Those 5 second conversations that are all “I’m clean. You clean? Good. Let’s go bare!”?


What about the overabundance of bodily fluids? Honey flowing everywhere? Maybe it is the use of honey as euphemism? There are so many options. I can’t help but raise my eyebrows at romance heroes that can have sex five or six times in a row in one night. Sex marathons that last for hours and hours without even a pee break.


RomBkLoveDay20SmallToday, Day 20 of #RomBkLove, we are exploring non-human characters in romance that readers find sexy. Who are the sexiest shifters, vampires, and/or aliens? And if there are other non-human species that I have forgotten, please add them as well.


I don’t have too many to mention as I don’t read much in the paranormal realm. But I do have to mention Lora Leigh’s Breeds because these non-human heroes have barbed penises that lock into the vaginal channel of their mates to ensure maximum pleasure and maximum procreative proximity.


RomBkLoveDay19SmallDay 19 of #RomBkLove is all about euphemisms, whether for sex itself or sex organs. There are some good, some bad and some very, very ugly ones. What words do you like? What words do you hate? Feel free to share some examples from books if you have them - or just share the words that make you cringe.


What do you think of the word cum? I admit that I am okay with it in erotic romance novels as a noun, but it drives me batty when used as a verb. You know I’d prefer the word spurt. Which of course brings up the word spurt. I have a fondness for it, but only because of the fact that Lora Leigh used it 30 times in Stygian’s Honor, prompting me to study her use of the word (GOOD TIMES!).


Tuesday, 18 July 2017 07:19

#RomBkLove Day 18 Romance Peens: Too Big?

Written by Jennifer Porter

RomBkLove18SmallIt seems like giving heroes in romance novels overly endowed organs is a must these days. Often times, the descriptions are over the top, cringe-worthy and/or enough to make my legs cross is protest. What you think about penises in romance? Is there such a thing as too big? Do you like your fictional penises gargantuan? Share your thoughts and any examples of penises that stand out.


One of my most cringe-worthy penises is that of Devin from Samantha Cruise’s Devil’s Pact. Devin has a foot-long appendage and is known far and wide for it. Here are some description of Devin’s penis (which in my opinion is WAY TOO BIG):


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