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Tempted into Danger coverToday, we have author Melissa Cutler here talking about her latest release, Tempted Into Danger. Find out more about its hero Diego. Plus, Melissa Cutler is giving away a $5 giftcard to Starbucks.

Nice Guns, Soldier

Melissa Cutler here. I'm excited to be on Romance Novel News talking about my latest release from Harlequin Romantic Suspense, TEMPTED INTO DANGER. Like many great action-adventure heroes, Diego—TEMPTED's hero—is an alpha male through and through. He doesn't exactly have a way with the ladies, having spent nearly all his time training or on missions, but smooth talking and slick moves aren't what a lady requires when a bunch of really bad dudes are trying to kill her.


Heart of ObsidianNalini Singh's Heart of Obsidian (out on June 4th) is one of the most highly anticipated releases on 2013 and is sure to turn the Psy/Changeling world on its ear. Find out what Nalini Singh has to say about this book, the series and her upcoming Guild Hunter book.


  1. Heart of Obsidian (out June 4th) is the 12th book of your wildly popular Psy/Changeling series. Have you been surprised by the series’ success?


Yes, happily so! As a writer, I felt in my gut that Slave to Sensation (book 1) was the start of something special, but I had no way of knowing if readers would feel the same. I’m so grateful to every reader who’s come along with me on this ride, and I hope they continue to do so as the series goes forward.


DaniCollinsToday, RNN welcomes author Dani Collins talking about how many times one can be a debut author. Collins is also giving away a copy of her latest "Proof of Their Sin."


Debut Redux by Dani Collins

How many times can you debut as an author? Because I’m going on my fourth and I’m starting to feel like it’s time to embrace the multi-published mantle.


Here’s what happened. I wrote for twenty-five years without a sale. One year ago this month, Mills & Boon London called to offer me a two-book contract for their Modern/Presents line. Yay! My first book sale.


ChattCoverpart1RNN welcomes author Logan Belle to talk about her new release and its relation to "Lady Chatterly's Lover."


Love and The Lady: Why I Can’t Forget Lady Chatterley’s Lover

By Logan Belle


            My fiancé was cleaning out a closet when he found his dusty old copy of D. H. Lawrence’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover. He told me it was the first “erotic” novel he’d ever read. I said it was probably mine, too. He said, you should write a modern version of it. I said, you’re crazy. You don’t re-paint the Mona Lisa.


Today, RNN is participating in a scavenger hunt blog hop for the cover reveal of Amanda Usen's Into the Fire (releasing June 10th). Read on to learn how to enter to win a foodie gift pack as part of the scavenger hunt.


We are hosting puzzle piece #5 and our ingredient is . . . . . . eggs!




CovetThyNeighborToday, RNN hosts L.A. Witt for a guest post about Writing the Rainbow - or both heterosexual and gay romance.


Writing the Rainbow

By: L.A. Witt

I’m one of those authors who writes both hetero[sexual] and gay romances. Also some bisexual, transgender, and lesbian stories in there, but my work is predominantly either hetero or gay.


Writing on those two sides of the sexuality fence is interesting to say the least. There are things that will be an issue in one genre, but not another. Homophobia as a central issue, for example. Concern about unintended pregnancies. Sexual identity will usually be addressed differently (i.e., a straight man isn’t generally going to be wrestling with, trying to hide, or actively otherwise concerned about the fact that he’s interested in women).


Straddling the LineRNN is pleased to host Sarah M. Anderson for the Book Trailer Reveal for The Bolton Brothers: Brick by Brick!


Yes, some people pay money for book trailers from trained professionals who know what they’re doing. And some people (I’m looking at you, Tessa Dare!) make them with their daughters’ Barbies.


I’m not like those people. I’m too cheap to pay for trailers and I have a son—no Barbies.


Which means one thing. I have Legos. Lots and lots of Legos.


LET IT BE ME coverToday, we welcome author Kate Noble's whose latest release is the historical romance "Let It Be." Kate is giving away a copy of this romance to one commenter.


From Kate Noble:
How to play the Appassionata, in 3 months or less.


In my latest historical romance, I set out a challenge for my heroine that is a little out of the ordinary. Not only does she have to travel to Venice, fall in love with a handsome man, and go through some momentous character growth over the course of the novel, I also make her have to learn a major concert level piece of music to play in front of Venice high society.


Monday, 08 April 2013 09:07

Debut Author Spotlight: Lisa J. Hobman

Written by Jennifer Porter

BridgeOverTheAtlanticTitle: Bridge Over the Atlantic
Author: Lisa J. Hobman
Publisher: 5 Prince Publishing
Length: 336 Pages
Genre: Contemporary Romance


Mallory Westerman is a full-figured, successful, young business woman living in Yorkshire, England. Though very career minded, she is extremely self-conscious about her ample curves and so her love life tends to pay the price. Concentrating solely on her business, she has almost given up on finding someone to love. That is until she literally trips into the arms of a stranger who becomes her Knight in shining armour. The immediate sexual and romantic spark that blossoms into love and the events that follow, irrevocably change Mallory’s life-path and self-image forever, but only go to prove that the road to true love is never smooth and that things don’t always turn out how you expect… 


noturningback 200Romance Novel News is pleased to host HelenKay Dimon to talk about her latest release, "No Turning Back" a book which features a hero and heroine who spend almost as much time battling each other as they do anything else. Read on to find out how to win a copy from the author.


"No Turning Back"

Thank you for having me here today to talk about my new release NO TURNING BACK. I'm extra excited to be here since today is release day.


The book centers on the sons of a notorious con man, Charlie Hanover. They are smart, difficult, tough and slightly estranged when the book starts. The hero, Declan, has been in the Army and concentrating on his life there, but now he's out and is dealing with his father's victims and the mess the man made of a lot of peoples' lives.


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