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Tuesday, 19 June 2012 19:47

Review: Succubus Lost

Written by Jennifer Porter

Succubus_Lost“Succubus Lost” by Tiffany Allee (paranormal, Entangled, May 2012, $2.99, 211pp)


Series: Book 2 of the Otherworlder Enforcement Agency


Someone is kidnapping and incinerating otherworlders beyond recognition, and Detective Marisol Whitman, a succubus, races to find the murderer before he claims another victim. But her pursuit is derailed when her responsible younger sister vanishes. Marisol suspects foul play and enlists support from an unlikely source: an agent from the Otherworlder Enforcement Agency, Valerio Costa.


Saturday, 16 June 2012 18:19

Review: Tempted by Two

Written by Jennifer Porter

TemptedByTwo“Tempted by Two” by Portia Da Costa (erotic, ménage, self-published, May 2012, $3.48, 86pp)


When executive woman Katie Warren arrives in the picturesque village of Little Marplethorpe for a country holiday, to reassess her life and her future, she doesn't bargain on ending up in a hot three way love affair with a man she's admired from afar... and his gorgeously handsome male partner.


Marcus Dane and Owen Foster are lovers, committed for a lifetime, but they both enjoy the company of women as friends and bedmates too. Encountering Katie at an exhibition of his work, Marcus knows she's just the kind of bold, daring, imaginative woman who'll relish sharing erotic games with Owen and himself.


But what none of the trio expect is that their intense, steamy threesome will quickly deepen into a bond that's a lot more than just simply fabulous sex.


Friday, 15 June 2012 20:22

Review: Her Forbidden Hero

Written by Jennifer Porter

HFH-500px“Her Forbidden Hero” by Laura Kaye (contemporary, Entangled, May 2012, $2.99, 146pp)


She’s always been off-limits…

Former Army Special Forces Sgt. Marco Vieri has never thought of Alyssa Scott as more than his best friend’s little sister, but her return home changes that…and challenges him to keep his war-borne demons at bay. Marco’s not the same person he was back when he protected Alyssa from her abusive father, and he’s not about to let her see the mess he’s become.


Wednesday, 13 June 2012 19:58

Review: About Last Night

Written by Jennifer Porter

About_Last_Night“About Last Night” by Ruthie Know (contemporary, Loveswept, June 2012, $2.99, 216pp)


Cath Talarico knows a mistake when she makes it, and God knows she’s made her share. So many, in fact, that this Chicago girl knows London is her last, best shot at starting over. But bad habits are hard to break, and soon Cath finds herself back where she has vowed never to go . . . in the bed of a man who is all kinds of wrong: too rich, too classy, too uptight for a free-spirited troublemaker like her.


Nev Chamberlain feels trapped and miserable in his family’s banking empire. But beneath his pinstripes is an artist and bohemian struggling to break free and lose control. Mary Catherine — even her name turns him on — with her tattoos, her secrets, and her gamine, sex-starved body, unleashes all kinds of fantasies.


Sunday, 10 June 2012 16:40

Review: Mine to Hold

Written by Jennifer Porter

Mine_to_Hold“Mine to Hold” by Shayla Black (erotic, Berkley Heat, June 2012, $15.00, 352pp)


Series: Wicked Lovers #6


A friend’s duty.

Tyler Murphy was an LAPD detective, single and happy—until a near-fatal tragedy crippled his friend, fellow detective Eric Catalano. While he supported Eric, he also became a shoulder for Eric’s wife, Delaney, to lean on. But with one naughty suggestion from Eric, a drunken night with Delaney spilled into erotic abandon. Before it was over Tyler saw his best friend’s wife as a woman and yearned for more. When Eric struggled to deal with the aftermath, Delaney begged Tyler to leave. Crushed, he fled to Louisiana, hoping to escape his longing for the one woman he could never have again…and unaware of what he’d left behind.


Sunday, 10 June 2012 10:55

Review: Yours to Take

Written by Jennifer Porter

YoursToTake200“Yours to Take” by Joely Sue Burkhart (erotic, Samhain, May 2012, $5.50, 188pp)


Series: The Connaghers

  1. “Dear Sir, I’m Yours” – Rae Jackson & Conn aka Dr. Connagher
  2. “Hurt Me So Good” – Victor Connagher & Shiloh Holmes
  3. “Yours to Take” – Vicki Connagher, Elias Reyes & Jesse


Saturday, 02 June 2012 13:50

Review: Never Wager Against Love

Written by Jennifer Porter

Never_Wager_Against_Love“Never Wager Against Love” by Maureen Driscoll (historical, selp-published, March 2012, $3.99, 280pp)


Series: The Kellingtons

  1. “Never a Mistress, No Longer a Maid” – Edward Kellington (Ned) and Jane Wetherby
  2. “Never Miss a Chance” – Lady Elizabeth Kellington & Marcus Redmond, Marquess of Riverton
  3. “Never Wager Against Love” – Vanessa Gans & Arthur Kellington


Thursday, 31 May 2012 07:11

Review: Tangle of Need

Written by Jennifer Porter

Tangle_of_Need“Tangle of Need” by Nalini Singh (paranormal, Berkley, June 2012, $25.96, 432pp)




Series: Book 11 in the Psy/Changelings series


Adria, wolf changeling and resilient soldier, has made a break with the past--one as unpredictable in love as it was in war. Now comes a new territory, and a devastating new complication: Riaz, a SnowDancer lieutenant already sworn to a desperate woman who belongs to another.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012 18:56

Review: A Night Like This

Written by Jennifer Porter

Night_Like_This“A Night Like This” by Julia Quinn (historical, Avon, June 2012, $7.99, 384pp)




Series: The Smythe-Smith Quartet

  1. “Just Like Heaven” – Honoria Smythe-Smith & Marcus Holyroyd
  2. “A Night Like This” – Anne Wynter & Daniel Smythe-Smith


Monday, 28 May 2012 15:29

Review: Wife 22

Written by Jennifer Porter

Wife22covers“Wife 22” by Melanie Gideon (fiction, Ballantine, June 2012, $26.00, 400pp)


Maybe it was the five pounds I’d gained that I couldn’t seem to lose. Maybe it was because I was about to turn the same age my mother was when I lost her. Maybe it was because after almost twenty years of marriage my husband and I seemed to be running out of things to say to each other.


But when the anonymous online study called “Marriage in the 21st Century” showed up in my inbox, I had no idea how profoundly it would change my life. It wasn’t long before I was assigned both a pseudonym (Wife 22) and a caseworker (Researcher 101).


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