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Thursday, 02 February 2012 20:50

Review: How to Dance With a Duke

Written by Jennifer Porter

howtodancewithaduke-200x330“How to Dance With a Duke” by Manda Collins (historical, St. Martins, January 2012, $7.99, 352pp)


Series: The Ugly Ducklings, book 1


Miss Cecily Hurston has a big problem. Her father, Viscount Hurston, is in trouble. He is very sick, but is also the subject of some cruel rumors that suggest he may have killed his assistant, Will Dalton. Cecily wants to continue her father’s work with Egyptian antiquities to prove that Hurston had no hand in any scandalous behavior. However, no one is willing to help – especially not Will’s brother Lucas, Duke of Winterson.


Wednesday, 01 February 2012 21:27

Review: Impact

Written by Jennifer Porter

Impact“Imapact” by Cassandra Carr (erotic, Ellora’s Cave, February 2011, $7.50, 114pp): Connor Raub is a professional bull rider and also a Dom. However, he only indulges his dominant tendencies at an exclusive BDSM club afraid that the conservative people and sponsors in the world of bull riding wouldn’t understand his personal lifestyle choices. Yet, he is intrigued by the new girl working with the tour, Jessica Talbot and has a hard time restraining his desires.


Jessica is of course a submissive, one who has lusted after Connor since seeing him engaged in a scene at his club. She is flattered when Connor expresses interest in her, but then disappointed when he balks at indulging in kink. He adamantly believes that they need to keep their relationship vanilla because of his career.


Tuesday, 31 January 2012 15:27

Review: Space in My Heart

Written by Jennifer Porter

spaceinhisheartflat“Space in His Heart” by Roxanne St. Claire (romantic suspense, self-published, November 2011, $3.99, 285pp)




In romancelandia, there are lots of heroes with cool professions or personas: dukes, cowboys, doctors, military men, vampires, immortal warriors, FBI agents, firemen, etc. But, there is one fascinating profession that is seriously underrepresented – astronaut. They are men who wear flight suits, love to serve their country and have an unholy love of speed (btw, I would love to see a heroine astronaut too). Sounds like perfect hero material to me. As such, I was excited to learn that Roxanne St. Claire had written a romance featuring an astronaut in “Space in His Heart.” When she offered me a review copy, I could not say no. And the result is an action-packed, emotional thrill ride that even has a romance – a romance that made my heart very happy.


Monday, 30 January 2012 21:18

Review: The Male Stripper & The Stranger

Written by Jennifer Porter

E_TheMaleStripper_250"The Male Stripper (Red Hot Fantasies)" (erotica, self-published/Edge of Ecstasy, December 2011, $0.99, 42pp) and "The Stranger (Red Hot Fantasies)" (erotica, self-published/Edge of Ecstasy, January 2012, $0.99, 30pp) by Opal Carew

Opal Carew has a new erotica series featuring several women friends who each fulfill their deepest fantasies. Each woman's fantasy is detailed in a very brief story. I would consider these stories to be erotica rather than erotic romance as there is little-to-no character development and no happy ending (well, I guess that depends on your definition of a happy ending).

The first story is "The Male Stripper" and has Becca's fantasy of getting down and dirty with a gorgeous and hot male stripper that she hired for a friend's bachelorette party. But she gets a little bit more than she bargained for when Cal the stripper returns to her house later that evening with his friend Don in tow. Not only do they fulfill Becca's fantasy, but also Don's – which involves a female client getting frisky during an audition. A night of sexy dancing and erotic pleasure ensues with the three.


Sunday, 29 January 2012 19:48

Review: Without Regret

Written by Jennifer Porter

Without_Regret“Without Regret” by R.L. Mathewson (paranormal, September 2011, self-published, $0.99, 399pp)


Series: The Sentinels (book 1)


Chris Williams is a Sentinel, a sort of super-human who protects the world from evil-immortal types, especially vampires. A set number of Sentinels are born with an equal number of males and females, giving each a mate. Chris has been waiting for years to finally meet his mate since the Sentinels lost track of her. Unfortunately, Isabella wasn’t raised to be aware of her affiliation – causing some severe anxiety for the Sentinels.


Wednesday, 25 January 2012 21:30

Review: Doubled

Written by Jennifer Porter

doubled_msr“Doubled” by Charlotte Stein (erotic, m/f/m, Ellora’s Cave, January 2012, $6.50, 222kb): What do you get when two hot twins want their female friend to prove that she can tell them apart? If you throw in a blindfold, you get “Doubled,” Charlotte Stein’s latest erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave. This one is intensely erotic, right from the moment the blindfold comes out and never lets up. While the conflicts seemed a bit immature (possibly due to the fact the characters are still in college), the sex is anything but.


One night while Bobbi is hanging out with the twins, Sebastian and Tobias, she gets caught up in a challenge to prove how good she is at telling them apart. When they can’t fool her, the two men bring out a blindfold to take the game to a new level. Bobbi can’t quite tell the difference from their kisses and touches. Sebastian and Tobias take the opportunity to show her how much they want her. While Bobbi has been harboring romantic feelings for her best friends, she has been hesitant to act on them because she could never choose between the two. Of course, they aren’t asking her to choose; they want to share her.


Wednesday, 25 January 2012 19:01

Review: Pulled Long

Written by Jennifer Porter

PulledLongmed“Pulled Long” by Christine d’Abo (contemporary, erotic, m/m, Carina, December 2011, $3.99, 30,000 words):


Series: Long Shots

  • "Double Shot" - Sadie & Paul
  • "A Shot in the Dark" - Paige & Carter
  • "Pulled Long" - Ian & Jeff


I don’t read much m/m erotic romance. However, Christine d’Abo’s “Pulled Long” is a part of a series that I have really enjoyed. The series features siblings Sadie, Paige and Ian Long who run a coffee shop together. Since the first book “Double Shot,” Ian has been flirting with a blue-eyed stranger, making it rather impossible for me not to read his story. “Pulled Long” is a very hot and sexy romance that makes me believe that I might have to read more m/m in the future.


Saturday, 21 January 2012 19:12

Review: Darker After Midnight

Written by Jennifer Porter

darkeraftermidnight150px“Darker After Midnight” by Lara Adrian (paranormal, Delacorte, January 2012, $24.00, 384pp)




Series: Midnight Breeds. “Darker After Midnight” is the tenth book in the series.


An ARC of Lara Adrian’s “Darker After Midnight” arrived on my doorstop in mid-October, I think. I do clearly remember opening the package and getting terribly excited. After all, Adrian had ended “Deeper than Midnight” with a wicked cliffhanger. Chase Sterling, hero of “Darker After Midnight,” and a vampire, walked out into the sunlight to surrender himself to the very human police in order to help deflect attention from his Breed brothers. Because Chase’s fate hung in the balance, “Darker After Midnight” called to me. What was Adrian’s greater plan for the Breed? How would everything play out? I had to know. And just so you know, Adrian surprised me mightily with Chase’s story.


Monday, 16 January 2012 19:02

Review: The Lesson Plan

Written by Jennifer Porter

JackieBarbosa_TheLessonPlan_800px-682x1024“The Lesson Plan” by Jackie Barbosa (historical, erotic, December 2011, Circe Press, $2.99, 22,500 words/64pp)




I’ve read several of Jackie Barbosa’s historical novellas over the past several months. Her books are set during the Regency period, my favorite time period for historical romances, and they have an intense eroticism that titillates. As such, I jumped at the chance to review Barbosa’s recent release, “The Lesson Plan,” the first story in the Lords of Lancashire trilogy. While I have way too many books that I have committed to read, I could not resist reading this one as soon as it hit my inbox.


Sunday, 15 January 2012 17:36

Review: Last Spy Standing

Written by Jennifer Porter

lg-last_spy_standing“Last Spy Standing” by Dana Marton (romantic suspense, Harlequin Intrigue, January 2012, $5.25, 224pp): Dana Marton sends her hero and heroine into the wilds of South America in her latest romantic suspense, “Last Spy Standing.” Mitch Mendoza, a soldier who is part of an elite and secret military team, is sent to retrieve the son of a U.S. politician who is being held hostage by a drug lord. Retrieving the young man is easy, until Megan Cassidy unexpectedly makes an appearance and disrupts Mitch’s carefully planned rescue attempt. Nothing goes right, especially when an attraction flares between Mitch and Megan, adding a gripping romance to an action-packed adventure.


After Mitch rescues his mark, he gets fooled by Megan Cassidy, a CIA operative with her own agenda. She is undercover in the drug lord’s organization and believes that returning the hostage will give her added credibility. Megan’s has a very personal stake in her undercover mission, and she won’t let Mitch get in her way.


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