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Thursday, 02 May 2013 20:05

Review: Slow Surrender

Written by Jennifer Porter
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slow surrender“Slow Surrender” by Cecila Tan (erotic, Forever, April 2013, $3.74, 304pp)




Series: Book one, Struck by Lightning


He pushes her sexual boundaries . . .

From the moment waitress Karina meets him in a New York bar, she knows James is different. Daring. Dominating. Though he hides his true identity from her, the mysterious, wealthy businessman anticipates her every desire and fulfills her secret fantasies. Awakened by his touch, Karina discovers a wild side she hadn't known existed and nothing is off limits.


She aches for more . . .

What begins as an erotic game soon escalates to a power play that blurs the line between pleasure and pain. Even as she capitulates to James's sensual demands, Karina craves more. She wants his heart, his soul. She wants his love . . . and she'll break all the rules to get it.



I’ve read a whole bunch of erotic romances featuring dominant billionaire heroes and young heroines whose submissive sides are unawakened – many of which are told over multiple books. “Slow Surrender” by Cecilia Tan is such a story, featuring the deliberately mysterious and wealthy James and Karina, a student trying to finish up her graduate program. This one struck a deep chord with me and has quickly become my favorite of the Billionaire Dom novels.


While waitressing one evening, Karina meets an enigmatic man who intrigues her with a subtle, yet erotic game that leaves Karina wanting more. James deliberately keeps his identity secret, making Karina come up with the name James as a special nickname just for them. But he keeps her guessing, fueling her sexual desires and leading her down an increasingly kinky path.


The mystery surrounding James is finally revealed. While I did figure out his identity, I thought Tan did a great job with the hints. I was fascinated by the many facets of James, although we certainly don’t get the full picture about him. “Slow Surrender” is the first book of a trilogy so this is probably not that big of a surprise. I am quite eager to learn more.


One of my favorite aspects of this book is the care with which Tan details the BDSM aspects of James and Karina’s developing relationship, especially the psychological aspects. In several of the sex scenes, James pushes Karina’s boundaries, but in a way that worked. I believed that Karina enjoyed James’ domination, and it deepened their growing relationship.


This book does have a cliffhanger ending – and this is my biggest issue with “Slow Surrender” (I’m really, really over the current trend to tell one romance in multiple books). Am I curious about what’s next? Absolutely –and I have every intention of reading the next two books.


If you are a fan of the Billionaire Dom, you should not miss “Slow Surrender.” Cecilia Tan weaves a compelling and red-hot tale that will have readers eager for more.

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