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Sunday, 17 February 2013 19:28

Jennifer’s Weekly Reads for February 11-17, 2013

Written by Jennifer Porter
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“Once Upon a Time in Bliss” by Sophie Oak (ebook)
This one features a CIA agent masquerading as a mild mannered, but dominant, professor in the nudist colony in Bliss, Colorado. This one is a prequel to the Nights in Bliss series. I enjoyed the book fine, but didn’t get to emotionally invested in the story.


“Platinum” by Jeffe Kennedy (ebook, review copy, NetGalley)
Review to come


“Crystal Cove” by Lisa Kleypas (review book)
See review



“Eye of the Storm” by Monette Michaels (ebook)
See romance crack post


“Stormy Weather Baby” by Monette Michaels (ebook)
After finishing “Eye of the Storm,” I had to read this follow-up novella in which Keely has her baby. She goes mountain climbing and uses her super-sniper powers while she in in labor.


“Submitting to Lord Rockwell” by Em Brown (ebook)
At 39 pages, this one was way too short for me.


“His to Command” by Opal Carew (review copy)
Review to come


“Wolf with Benefits” by Shelly Laurenston (ebook, review copy, NetGalley)
Review to come


“Required Surrender” by Riley Murphy (ebook)
This erotic romance features an extremely bratty sub trying to gain the attentions of Ted, the Dom. Okay, maybe she isn't as much bratty as she is damaged. Jospehine was anally raped by a close friend of her family and hasn’t gotten over it. She goes to a BDSM club to find someone to hurt her. I really thought that Jo would’ve been better served with a therapist over a Dom and as such, had a hard time reading this one.


“Die for Me” by Cynthia Eden (ebook, review copy, NetGalley)
See review


“Cold Day in Hell” by Monette Michaels (ebook)
This romantic suspense novel is the second book in Michaels’ SSI series, after “Eye of the Storm.” Callie is a supermodel heroine with a recent master’s degree in political science who hopes to take down financial empires of terrorists and drug dealers. However, she captures the attention of a Colombian paramilitary leader and has to be rescued while on a shoot in Colombia. Risto Smith comes to her rescue. This book is nowhere near as cracktastic as “Eye of the Storm,” but still is full of WTFery (like way too much sexual sharing knowledge within families). For those that can suspend their disbelief easily, these books are highly entertaining.


“In the Bedroom with the Rope: Tied in Knots” by Jenna McCormack (ebook)
This is a very short story that is the first part of what is probably a series or serial story. This one has a cliffhanger ending – which made me rather unhappy.


“Accept Me” by Lynn Myshe Joseph (ebook)
This is a decent, but very short story – probably too much money for the length. I was interested in reading something from the publisher of this one, Horny Devil (because I can’t resist these sorts of things).


“Tied to the Tycoon” by Chloe Cox (ebook)
Okay, I enjoy Chloe Cox’s BDSM books. I was enjoying this one about Jackson and Ava, two lovers who were ripped apart for ten years before Jackson engineers a meeting. He gets Ava to agree to be his submissive for one week. These two both have family issues that make trust and love difficult. So, I was happily reading along until the hero takes Ava to a Christmas BDSM retreat and ties her between two trees for some sexy times. Keep in mind it is winter, and she is naked – and the trees are near a cliff. The point is to expose her to retreat guest who are ice skating, so that she learns to trust him fully. Okay, this seemed a bit extreme to me, but I was okay with it. Then comes a scene where Jackson takes a naked Ava up to the roof of his Manhattan building and ties her to some apparatus for some more sexy times. It is cold as there is snow on the ground. Ava is blindfolded, tied up and at some point inverted (admittedly, I found the exact sequence difficult to follow). Hero swings her around and moves her to the edge of the building. He removes her blindfold, and she is hanging off the side of the building. Jackson then has anal sex with her. Yikes, yikes and more yikes. Overall, I was into the romance, but had a tough time recovering from this improbable sex scene.


“Hero of My Heart” by Megan Frampton (ebook, review copy, NetGalley)
Review to come

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