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Friday, 01 January 2010 07:48

Book Review - Shades of Midnight

Written by Jennifer Porter, Romance Novel News
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shadesofmidnight150pxA supernatural thriller set in the Alaskan wilderness


“Shades of Midnight” (Paranormal, Dell, 388 pages, $7.99), by Lara Adrian: The seventh installment of Lara Adrian’s Midnight Breed series, “Shades of Midnight,” sets the supernatural thriller in the Alaskan wilderness, where bush pilot Alexandra Maguire stumbles upon a horrific murder scene. 


The Breed leaders send vampire warrior, Kade, to his native Alaska to investigate the killing, which also gives him a chance to confront his problematic relationship with his twin brother, Seth. 


As Kade investigates with Alexandria, he realizes the murder is part of a larger plot that involves rogue vampires who’ve recently battled with the Breeds. Kade suspects his brother has joined the rogues and is somehow involved in the gruesome attack. Kade had left Alaska because he feared he was following in the path of his brother, who chose to abuse their similar psychic gift to control animals.


Kade, who also discovers Alexandria is a human compatible to mate with vampires, wants to protect her from this dark part of his life. But she is a strong woman who refuses to be coddled. Along the journey with Kade, she must come to terms with her own devastating childhood event – the horrific death of her mother. She also must convince Kade of his worth so that they can fight the rogue vampires together.


“Shades of Midnight” is a great addition to Adrian’s Midnight Breed series. Kade is a powerful warrior with a flawed sense of self. Alexandria is an excellent partner who helps Kade see the good within himself, and plays an integral part in battling the rogues.


This book is difficult to comprehend out of sequence. Newcomers to the series may want to start with the first book, “Kiss of Midnight.”


The next installment in the series, “Taken by Midnight,” will be released on August 31.


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Author Link: http://www.laraadrian.com/

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