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Jennifer’s Weekly Reads – January 14 – 20, 2013

Written by Jennifer Porter
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“Stroke of Sapphire” by N.J. Walters (ebook)
I enjoyed this erotic romance, but was a bit annoyed with the hero, Jake. Jake and Sapphire spend one night together, but he then gives her the cold shoulder. He is quite concerned about his “dark urges” and need for hours of rough sex, believing them to be too much for Sapphire. He certainly is a sex machine, one who doesn’t let Sapphire get much sleep. However, I felt his “dark horniness” was rather over the top.


“Master and Inquisitor” by Jan Bowles (ebook)
In this erotic romance, the heroine gets a job at a local BDSM club and captures the attention of the club’s owner. Ethan, the owner, is an interesting dude who has an alternate Dom persona that he calls the Inquisitor. He talks about the Inquisitor in the third person – and the Inquisitor has his own dungeon. I found this very difficult to take seriously.



“Momentum” by Cassandra Carr (ebook, review copy) DNF
I am a fan of the series that this book is a part of. Unfortunately, I had a very had time with this one as I could not warm up to the heroine. Eventually, I had to give up before I let myself get too annoyed with her.


“Mr. Sir” by Jayne Kingston (ebook)
This is a marriage-in-trouble story where the hero and heroine have let marital concerns get the way of their kinky lifestyle. Owen has to find a way to give his wife what she needs. This one is a short, but steamy read.


“Reaper’s Property” by Joanna Wylde (ebook)
This one is a book set in a motorcycle club world like Kristen Ashley’s “Motorcycle Man” and Madeline Sheehan’s “Undeniable.” While I liked it much better than “Undeniable,” I was still very uncomfortable with the world, especially in relation to how woman are treated. I think this book is well written and even compelling, but it isn’t really my thing.


“His Scottish Pet: Dom for the Ages” by Red Phoenix (ebook)
This one is not a romance as it does not have a happy ending. I decided to read it because its hero is a Dom in a kilt – and the hero does take advantage of the easy access to his manly attributes that the kilt provides. However, the hero is immortal, and this series follows his loves through the ages. The kilt was cool, but not worth it as I’m not keen on stories without happy endings.


“Love Irresistibly” by Julie James (review copy)
Review to come


“Beautiful Bastard” by Christina Lauren (ebook, review copy, edelweiss) DNF
I was curious about this Twilight fan fiction story, so I thought I would read it and see. I slugged through about 50% of it before I had to give up. The hero and heroine hate each other but can’t stop sleeping together. The first half is filled with “I hate you,” “No, I hate you,” “Do me now,” “Do me harder.” I found nothing admirable about either character.


“The Scoundrel Takes a Bride” by Stefanie Sloane (review copy)
See review


“Deep Disclosure” by Dee Davis (ebook)
I so enjoy this romantic suspense series by Davis which features a covert ops group masquerading as professors at a college. This one fits right into the series. I enjoyed the blend of romance and suspense.


“Covert Seduction” by Callie Croix (ebook, review copy, NetGalley)
See Review


“The Words He Wanted to Hear” by Helen Cooper (ebook)
I think I bought this because it was free. It wasn’t my thing. I wasn’t sure what happened between the hero and the heroine at all.


“Bound with Pearls” by Sidney Bristol (ebook)
In this story, Christine’s sister’s Dom loses a poker game in which he wagered time with his sub. Christine’s sister Lucy asks Christine to take her place. Christine and Daniel actually find that they are very compatible. I enjoyed the development of their relationship, but couldn’t stand Christine’s family. Her sister Lucy is a whack job.


“Surrender” by Stephanie Tyler (review copy)
Review to come


“Double Danger” by Dee Davis (ebook, review copy, NetGalley)
Review to come

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