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Thursday, 10 January 2013 19:46

Review: Nauti Temptress

Written by Missy Thompson
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nautitemptresslg“Nauti Temptress” by Lora Leigh (erotic, Berkley, November 2013, $15.00, 336pp)


Series: Book 1, The Nauti Girls


Five years later, Eve Mackay, the eldest sister, has graduated from college and settled in to life as a Mackay in Pulaski County, Kentucky. She works hard as a cocktail waitress and helps out at the bed-and-breakfast that Dawg bought for her mother. If she keeps herself busy enough, maybe she’ll be able to stay away from the man she promised Dawg she wouldn’t date, the man who has awakened her most ravenous fantasies…




He’s Brogan Campbell, a biker rumored to be a traitor and a thief. But he’s just playing a part; he came to Kentucky for a DHS mission that no one, except Cranston, is supposed to know about. Eve is the key to the whole operation, and his orders are to get her participation. But his need for Eve has nothing to do with stolen secrets and the safety of the country…


When Dawg took in Eve and her sisters, he warned them that if they ever lied, cheated, or betrayed the family, they risked losing everything. But desire and danger are locked in an inescapable embrace, and Eve has to make her choice between family or Brogan, for better or worse…


Starting this book, I became confused immediately. New characters were thrown into the mix at such a hurried pace, and I felt rushed into the transition to this Nauti Girls series. I am a huge fan of Lora Leigh and the Nauti series, but this one was not my favorite. This book is as well written as any, but I am beginning to have a difficult time wrapping my head around so many "security" issues surrounding this family in one general area. For me personally there has to be a believability aspect to these stories. 


The hero in this book, Brogan, although a dominant, hot male, seemed to be way more into himself than I was. I didn't find he had enough respect for Eve and was just an ass in general. 


Eve, the heroine was a likable character but did not have that "I'll kick your ass if you treat me wrong" kind of strength. I love my males strong and dominant but I don't like the females to appear too weak either. In this book, I felt that Eve came off as just that. 


Overall, if I had to choose again, I would read this book. However, it is simply because of my loyalty to Lora Leigh. The hot scenes come through and the anticipation leading up to them is there but it seemed "thrown" together for me and I hope the next in this series brings back all that was missing in this book. I am disappointed but hopeful. 


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