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Jennifer’s Weekly Reads for December 31, 2012 – January 6, 2013

Written by Jennifer Porter
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“For You” by Kristen Ashley (ebook)
After my Kristen Ashley binge last week, I continued with this one, the first in the Burg series. This one features Colt and February, high school sweethearts who have been separated for a long, long time. I enjoyed the hero and the heroine, but this book drove me crazy. The two were separated for twenty something years over ONE BIG MISUNDERSTANDING. Okay, the understanding was fairly complicated, but I couldn’t believe that it made February disappear. Plus, I wanted this one to be over about at 54%. I struggled to finish. Interestingly though, I felt much better about the story after I was finally finished. This is the power that is Kristen Ashley.


“One Good Earl Deserves a Lover” by Sarah MacLean (ebook, review copy, edelweiss, re-read)
Review to come


“Knowing the Ropes” by Teresa Noelle Roberts (ebook, review copy)
Review to come



“Come to Him” by Justine Elyot (ebook)
In this novella, Erin sells her submission to one man for money to pay for education. She is flown to a remote island paradise where a reclusive billionaire dominates her, but refuses to give her his name. I enjoyed this story and liked the way that Erin turns the tables on her dominant lover.


“Keira’s Punishment” by Alicia Roberts (ebook)
I don’t quite remembering buying this one as it is a serial type of thing. The story was okay although I don’t remember too much about it. I’m not terribly interested in reading any additional entries, mostly because I prefer longer, non-serialized stories.


“Motorcycle Man” by Kristen Ashley (ebook)
I love, love Tack who is the hero of this story. After being a bit disappointed in “For You” by Ashley, I wanted to read Tack’s story again. Plus, others on twitter were reading this, so I couldn’t resist.


“Punishing Petra” by Sara Kingston (ebook)
This is the erotic romance where one of the two heroes is a self-important Dom who boasts about his being the record holder for getting submissives to safe-word out in his BDSM club (Locks and Chains). There is a great deal of WTF-ery in this one, and much of the primary relationship among the heroes and the heroine seemed unsafe to me.


“And then She Fell” by Stephanie Laurens (ebook, review copy, edelweiss)
Review to come


“Tied Up in Tinsel” by Amber Skyze (ebook)
Patience’s sister sets up Patience with her manny (yes, man nanny). William falls hard for Patience, but Patience yearns for a man who can make all of her dark fantasies come true – and she is not sure if William is up for the task. This one is an okay read. I had a bit of trouble getting into the story though.


“Two Doms for Angel” by Holly S. Roberts (ebook)
This is a story featuring two dominants and the submissive they both love. The struggle is for the characters to figure out how to deal with this situation. There is some hint of feeling between the two doms. I wish that this aspect of the story had been dealt with in more detail. This story had promise, but I found the prologue to be rather convoluted which shadowed the rest of the book.


“Pick Your Poison” by Roxanne St. Claire (ebook)
This is a Bullet Catchers novella in which Bullet Catcher Ben must redeem himself in order to keep his job. He ends up enlisting the help of florist Callie to foil a murder plot. I thought this was a cute and quick read.


“Purgatory Masters: Tucker’s Fall” by Eliza Gayle (ebook)
This is an intriguing story featuring a disgraced college professor and the dom who wants to bring her fantasies to life. I was definitely caught up in this story, but was taken aback by something at the end, a suspense plot that I was unprepared for which seems to put the lives of the hero (and those that co-own the Purgatory BDSM club with him) into jeopardy. I was surprised and found that this made the ending somewhat less satisfying.


“Snow Angel” by Joey W. Hill (ebook)
This is a short, hot novella. I’m terribly keen on Santas staring in sexual stories, but the hero doesn’t play Santa for long.


“A Duke Never Yields” by Juliana Gray (review copy)
Review to come.

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