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Jennifer’s Weekly Reads: November 26 – December 2, 2012

Written by Jennifer Porter
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“Bed, Breakfast & Bondage” by Riley Shane (ebook)
Anaya and Devlin have been lovers on and off for years. They grew up together, but Devlin wanted to be a celebrity chef and took off to find fame. Anaya remained home and followed her dream. Devlin returns home to help Anaya run her bed & breakfast with a new mission in life. He wants Anaya to give him eight nights to act out their mutual fantasies. This erotic romance has some great sexual tension between the hero and heroine. Also, it takes place during Hanukah, something I haven’t seen too much of in romances.


“A Perfect Trifecta” by Delilah Devlin (ebook)
Aiden and Jen are an established couple with Aiden as the dominant and Jen the submissive. Jen knows that Aiden can’t be as rough as he’d like with her. She believes Aiden needs more in order to open up. As a result, she pushes Aiden to check out Craig, a switch with a need to find a true dominant. This romance is really about how Craig fits into Aiden and Jen’s relationship – and how the relationship grows to include all three. I thought it was well done. And, this is seriously hot.



“Getting Hotter” by Elle Kennedy (ebook)
I’ve been enjoying this erotic series by Kennedy. As a result, I had to read this installment in the series. I had read some reviews of this one, however, that discussed Seth’s stated dislike of children. This was particularly problematic given that the heroine, Miranda, has two children. I have to agree that this angle made this story somewhat less appealing. Miranda’s children had a fairly large role in the story. I was okay with this, but got tired of how Seth’s angst over dealing with them.


“A Season for Surrender” by Theresa Romain (ebook, review copy)
See review


“Training Tess” by Sabrina York (ebook)
I really enjoyed this story. Jared spots Tess, his sister’s assistant at a BDSM club. He had never approached Tess because he didn’t believe she would be interested in his lifestyle. However, her presence at the club changes this. This is the third or fourth book by the author that I’ve read and been impressed with.


“The Wrong Turn” by Annika Martin (ebook)
I wasn’t sure what to make of the first book in this series, “The Hostage Bargain.” The heroine’s decision to give up her entire life to live on the run with three bank robbers seemed unbelievable. Certainly, the book is very sexy – and I did like the heroes. Because I cared about the characters, I felt the need to read the second book. Again, this is a HOT story. Overall, I enjoyed it more because the heroine is already an established member of the gang. I have no doubt that I will continue to read this series even as I still can’t make up my mind about whether I like the series or not.


“Mastering Her Desires” by Melinda Barron (ebook)
Piper agrees to be Kenan’s submissive on a job. Kenan is a bounty hunter and has an opportunity to get his quarry at an exclusive BDSM resort. Because Kenan doesn’t have a current submissive, he needs to hire somebody. Piper needs the money to fund going to cooking school. I normally enjoy this type of set up, but this is one of those stories where the heroine doesn’t seem overly submissive. I got annoyed with her repeatedly which kind of ruined the story for me.


“The Dark Lady” by Maire Claremont (review copy)
This book releases in early February, so a review will come then. This is an intense and dark read, but it is riveting.


“The Rancher” by Diana Palmer (ebook)
Okay, after reading Palmer’s last release, “Wyoming Fierce,” I was going to stop reading Palmer entirely. I found that I couldn’t quit her. This one wasn’t nearly as preachy as the previous book, so I was able to enjoy it more. However, Diana Palmer does tend to moralize a bit. She did carry the evil social networking theme into this one, but it didn’t seem as divisive.


“Ecstasy in the White Room” by Portia Da Costa (ebook)
This is the third book in this series by Da Costa following an established couple in their sexual explorations. While the stories are short and pricey, they are well written and extremely sexy. I am a big fan of Da Costa.


“Merry Kinkmas” by Shannon Peters (ebook)
This erotic romance features some very sexy action in an elevator. Phoebe has been trying to attract her co-worker Matt for some time. Matt was interested, but unsure whether Phoebe would be okay with his desire for control. He finds out that Phoebe enjoys his attentions though when the two are stuck in an elevator together (on Christmas Eve, I think). This was a solid, erotic read with some nice festive elements.

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