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Review: Far from Perfect

Written by Jennifer Porter
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FarfromPerfect“Far from Perfect” by Barbara Longley (contemporary, Montlake, October 2012, $12.95p/$3.99e, 350pp)


Series: Perfect, Indiana, book one


Steal away on a journey to the heartland, where a wounded soldier meets the one woman who could be his new beginning…




Noah Langford narrowly survived the roadside bombing in Iraq that cost him his leg and forever his peace of mind. When his stepbrother Matt dies in a car accident, the loss feels like the final blow to Noah’s shattered soul. But then he learns about the girlfriend and baby living in Perfect, Indiana who Matt had never mentioned, and suddenly Noah has a new mission…


Ceejay Lovejoy was nineteen and pregnant when her boyfriend walked out. Since that day, Ceejay has devoted herself to giving her daughter a better life, avoiding any man who could threaten that security—until the day Noah Langford shows up on her doorstep in Perfect. His gentle spirit has an unexpected effect on Ceejay’s guarded heart, tempting her to take one last chance on love. But when a painful secret comes to light, it threatens to break the fragile bond growing between them…and to destroy a love powerful enough to heal them both.


Welcome to the small town of Perfect, Indiana, where everyone knows everybody else’s business. Ceejay Lovejoy can’t wait to leave. She’s been stuck in the town far longer than she ever expected after her life plans were interrupted by an unexpected pregnancy. Her boyfriend at the time took off when he realized Ceejay was pregnant leaving her to raise her daughter alone. Several years later, Ceejay’s dreams of leaving Perfect is within reach – at least until life throws some new curveballs her way.


Noah Langford is recovering from war injuries that took his leg and part of his soul. When his stepbrother dies, Noah goes through the stepbrother’s possessions and learns that his stepbrother abandoned Ceejay when she was pregnant. Noah decides to travel to Perfect to learn more about Ceejay and see if he is an uncle. But he decides to keep his relationship to Ceejay’s daughter secret, thinking to get to know Ceejay and Lucinda.


As Noah settles into life in Perfect, he finds a home, a place where he feels like he belongs and a place where he can heal. He also finds an unexpected attraction to Ceejay. Unfortunately, Ceejay hasn’t ever gotten over the fact that Lucinda’s father abandoned her. She is skittish and standoffish, so focused on her goal of leaving Perfect that she can’t see her life clearly.


Ceejay is forced to deal with her unresolved anger towards Lucinda’s father when Noah’s family shows up on her doorstop without warning. Then she learns that her aunt, who raised her, has cancer. Ceejay has to reexamine her priorities and her dreams to find out what is really important to her.


At times, there did seem to be too much going on around Noah and Ceejay – her aunt’s illness, her aunt’s burgeoning relationship, Noah’s family issues, things with Luce, a working relationship between Noah and Ted, etc. All added something important to the story, but did take away from the romance – making this one seem more like a women’s fiction book than a romance at various points in the story.


“Far from Perfect” is a romance with heart. Noah is a delightful hero whose tortured soul is nearly impossible to resist. Ceejay was tough to like at times, but matured nicely. This is a sweet read that will leave a smile in its wake.


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