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Sunday, 25 November 2012 20:02

Jennifer’s Weekly Reads for November 19-25, 2012

Written by Jennifer Porter
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“Leave Me Breathless” by Cherrie Lynn (ebook)
Twitter friends were talking about this book and the hero’s pierced penis. I had to read it. And Seth knows how to wield his pierced member. This is a very hot book. I enjoyed the romance as well. I went and bought the other books in this series after reading this one.


“Edge of Dawn” by Lara Adrian (ebook, review copy, edelweiss)
This book won’t be until February 26, 2013, so no review until then. But I will say I loved it!


“The Boss’s Daughter” by Jasmine Haynes (ebook)
This is the latest book in a series about hotwifing (don’t Google this word unless you are prepared). I’m a bit horrified by the series, but also addicted to it. I didn’t really care for the subject matter in the first book, but I was drawn to the characters and wanted to know what happened next. In this story, I didn’t really care for the heroine who seemed to treat the hero like crap.



“A Dom’s Dilemma” by Kathryn R. Blake (ebook)
I had a difficult time with this story because I couldn’t connect with the heroine who didn’t seem at all submissive.


“Sold to the Sheikh” by Chloe Cox (ebook)
I really, really enjoyed this story of a down-on-her-luck woman working in her friend’s BDSM club and being chosen to be a sheikh’s submissive. I found the developing romance to be heartwarming, and like the way the hero matured as he realized he was falling in love. The D/s relationship also worked well for me.


“Moosed-Up” by Tiffinie Helmer (ebook)
kelly_instalove on Twitter dared me to read this book. It takes place in Alaska, has a rugged outdoorsy-type hero, a reluctant heroine and a bra steeling moose named BW. This one was actually a very cute story. It made me laugh and smile.


“Mystery Man” by Kristen Ashley (ebook)
This one might be my favorite KA book. Hawk is a fabulous and yummy hero.


“Discipline of the Blue Book” by Portia Da Costa (ebook)
This is a 29 page erotic novella featuring an established couple, Simon and Suzanne. When they find a book (a blue one) that features erotic photographs of spanking, their love life takes a new turn. This one is very steamy. It is pricey, as all Spice Briefs are, but I will pay the price to read almost anything by Da Costa.


“Ritual of the Red Chair” by Portia Da Costa (ebook)
This book is the second of three shorts about Simon and Suzanne. In this one, Suzanne buys a red chair despite not having the money for it. This leads to more erotic punishment for Suzanne. This short lives up to the eroticism of the first book.


“His Christmas Wish” by Marquita Valentine (ebook, review copy)
Marquita Valentine offered me a copy of this one. I was particularly interested because I’m trying to put together a list of holiday titles. This one is a novella and is both sweet and sexy. I enjoyed it


“At His Majesty’s Request” by Maisey Yates (ebook, review copy)
When I admitted to being at a loss as to what read next on Twitter, Maisey Yates offered me a copy of this Harlequin Presents book that won’t be out until January (I believe). I will probably write a review because this book touched me. The heroine deals with infertility, and I was very impressed with the way that Yates dealt with the topic.


“Guardian Domination” by Breanna Hayse (ebook) – tool of indulgence
This is the book where the phrase “tool of indulgence” is used in relation to the hero’s, well, tool. This book wouldn’t be for everyone. The heroine, at nineteen, is homeless and in trouble. She is placed with her godfather, the hero. To keep her in line, the hero uses domestic discipline – often. She blossoms under this care and eventually falls in love with her guardian. I, who is a fan of the guardian/ward trope, wasn't sure about this one.


“Silent Night, Unexpected Night” by Ella Jade (ebook)
On Christmas Eve, Dr. Tanner Rhodes is home alone. But his son’s female friend stops by. The two discover their mutual attraction and spend Christmas Eve christening their new relationship. This one is very short. I bought it because it was free and is a holiday story.


“I’ve Been an Awful Good Girl” by Cheryl Gorman (ebook)
Okay, this book must’ve been free. I don’t remember buying it, and the title is bad on so many levels (especially grammatically). The story was fine, although it didn’t really stand out. I can’t think of much to say about it actually.


“A Dom is Forever” by Lexi Blake (ebook)
I like the relationships that Lexi Blake crafts in the books in this series. There is, however, a very complicated series arc revolving around a bad CIA dude named Nelson that I’m finding difficult to follow. Admittedly, I glossed over much of the suspense plot. I did really like the hero and the heroine and the development of their BDSM relationship. I’m very caught up in Alex and Eva’s story and can’t wait for their story (which I believe is next).


“The Seduction of Elliot McBride” by Jennifer Ashley (review book)
This book is out on December 31, so a review will be out then.


“Secret Sins” by Lora Leigh (review copy)
See review.


“Far from Perfect” by Barbara Longley (ebook, review copy)
Review to come.

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