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Review: Forbidden Desires

Written by Missy Thompson
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ForbiddenDesires“Forbidden Desires” by Jodie Griffin (erotic, Carina, November 2012, $3.99, 113pp)


Series: 2nd book in the Bondage & Breakfast series


When it comes to sex, Bella Massey wants a man who’ll get down on his knees and beg. And although she’s got the hots for firefighter Marcus Aiello, she can’t believe an alpha male like him could have a submissive bone in his body.


Marcus isn’t looking for a relationship, but Bella is not like any woman he’s ever met. When he discovers what the sexy librarian is really looking for in a man, he’s even more intrigued. But giving up control is difficult for Marcus—no matter how much he desires it.



Despite their intense attraction, Marcus and Bella’s budding relationship is at an impasse. Until a weekend at a unique B&B offering all manner of naughty nightly activities teaches them both just how good it can feel to lose control…


I want to start out by saying this was my first read with a female domme. I admit I was hesitant at first, but I always go into a book with an open mind. I recommend that everyone does the same. I’m glad that I did because I found this story to be inspiring.


Bella and Marcus are both trying to find themselves in this story. I love how we get to see their struggles as they begin a D/s relationship. Most BDSM stories have an established Dom or sub, but here we get to experience the characters’ feelings as they deal with their emotions – as they try to decide what they truly want and figure out who they truly are. It's rare that we as readers think about how D/s characters actually become a Dominant or a submissive.


Bella and Marcus both have yet to completely overcome their issues from their past relationships.  Bella has a need to dominate and Marcus feels the need to submit however, neither are ready to accept these needs completely, simply because society doesn't identify these things as acceptable. Because of this, they struggle with what they need and what they want until finally they can have both. There are ups and downs throughout their relationship but the way they find themselves along with finding a love for one another is a beautiful thing. Acceptance of yourself and the person you love is what matters most in the end. This story is the perfect combination of super-hot sex and sugary sweetness!


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