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Jennifer’s Weekly Reads for October 29 – November 4, 2012

Written by Jennifer Porter
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“Twelfth Night Secrets” by Jane Feather (review copy)
See review


“Master Class” by Cassandra Carr (ebook, review copy)
Review to come closer to when this book releases.


“Further Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman” by JB Lynn (review copy)
See review


“Undeniable” by Madeline Sheehan (ebook)
See review



“Unleashing the Receptionist” by Juniper Bell (ebook)
This one is part of series about a receptionist and her two bosses. There is much more going on than simple office work though as the receptionist services all of her bosses’ needs. In this one, we finally learn more about Ethan and Simon, as they confront a threat from their past. This one is as steamy as the others in the series, and did a great job cementing the relationship among Dana, Ethan and Simon.


“Rescue by Ruin” by Tina Christopher (ebook)
The blurb for this title talked about much of the action taking place on a dirigible of ill repute. Yes, a brothel blimb. I could not resist. This is a historical story, but also a steampunk one (hence the dirigible and automatons, etc). In it, the heroine ventures on the dirigible planning to be ruined. She hopes this will make Lord Walton refuse to marry her. She runs into the man who was courting her – and with whom she fell in love. I loved the premise of this one, enjoyed the dirigible, and liked the steampunk aspects.


“Lumberjack in Love” by Penny Watson (ebook)
This is a very sweet and fun story with a lumberjack hero and a city-girl heroine. This one takes place in Vermont, and its heroine is from Boston. I love books that take place locally, especially when written by local authors. This gives them an authentic feel. The romance is sweet, but don’t worry there is some heat. The hero is very manly and very horny. This one put a big smile on my face.


“Educating Nadia” by Sierra Summers & VJ Summers (ebook)
This is another re-release of Sierra and VJ Summers’ books. I had read the original of this one and loved it. It features Nadia and Alex who are neighbors and friends. When Nadia mistakenly opens a box of BDSM gear meant for Alex, Alex uses it to initiate Nadia into his lifestyle. I love Alex. He is interesting in that in his professor persona, he doesn’t seem very domly. This is a short novella.


“Awakening” by Elene Sallinger (ebook)
This is a story about two very damaged people. Evan, the hero, is still reeling from his wife’s death of ovarian cancer years ago. Claire, the heroine, is just waking up after a year of self-imposed solitude. She cut herself off from the world after the dissolution of her abusive relationship. The abusive part is complicated as Claire deliberately pushed her lover to hurt her. Evan overhears Claire tell a friend about her relationship and realizes that she is a submissive with a need for pain, one who doesn’t understand that about herself. Evan is a dominant, but one who hasn’t engaged in any play since his wife’s death. The two come together. It is a tough road that they travel. I absolutely enjoyed this one – or did until I got the last intimate scene where the heroine calls the hero “Daddy.” I felt as if this came out of left field and didn’t see that it added anything to the main relationship. And I admit that this is a trigger for me. Unfortunately, it will be what I remember most about this one.


“Bite” by Jenny Lyn (ebook)
Okay, author Jenny Lyn mentioned this book on twitter and claimed there was a hot artichoke scene in it. I’m not overly keen on food used in sex play, but I had to know about the artichokes. And the author was indeed correct. You may never look at artichokes the same again. And honestly, since I’m not a fan, this is actually a good thing for me. It made me view artichokes in a more positive light. This is a short work, but well done. It has a nice story that fits within the shorter page count – and has a very hot chef (who kind of likes to be in charge) as hero.


“Binding Ben” by Sierra Summers & VJ Summers (ebook)
This is a short, femdom story about a couple who broke up because neither could admit their true needs to the other. The two are reunited by a mutual friend and discover that they are more compatible than they ever dreamed. I don’t read much femdom as I often find it difficult to sympathize with the female lead. This one is well done, and I loved the relationship between Stacy and Ben. This is a re-released version of this (I believe there may have been some changes).


“FrankenDom” by Robin L. Rotham (ebook)
I heard so much about this book on Twitter, and this talk prompted me to buy this book. It seemed to be a BDSM/Frankenstein mashup, and I was a bit afraid that this might be a horror story. While there are lots of elements from Frankenstein lore, this book wasn’t scary. It was quite a mental mind trip though. The heroine travels to a remote castle, on a dark and stormy day. She is there for a surgical fellowship with a former lover and a man after whom she has spent years lusting. She unknowingly agrees to be their sex slave. The sex scenes are extremely hot, and I love the relationship development among heroine and the two heroes. If you like harder BDSM stories, this is a great one.

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