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Monday, 01 February 2010 17:33

Book Review - The Next Best Thing

Written by Jennifer Porter, Romance Novel News
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the_next_best_thing_smallA tale of grief and second chances  


“The Next Best Thing” (Contemporary, HQN, 397 pages, $7.99), by Kristan Higgins: In a story of love found in a most unexpected place, Lucy Lang is a 24-year-old widow in a family of widows who have dedicated their lives to the memories of their spouses and have never remarried.


Lucy’s mother and three aunts, known as the Black Widows, also lost their husbands at a young age. While Lucy would like to have a family, she believes that any man she marries will have a short life expectancy.  Her sister, Connie, also shares the same fear for her husband Chris.


The man currently in Lucy’s life is Ethan Mirabelli.  Their relationship is casual, one best described as “friends with benefits.” While Lucy has known Ethan for years, they only began their relationship after her husband Jimmy’s death in a car accident. Ethan was always by her side, helping her through the grieving process and getting herlife together.


Believing the relationship to be a relaxed one, Lucy tells Ethan she’d like them to go back to being “just friends”

because she plans to get married again. However, guilt over her husband’s death, career confusion, bad dates and fear of loving – and losing – again wreak havoc on Lucy’s life.  


Although Ethan doesn’t walk away from her, he becomes distant. Lucy becomes jealous when he starts spending most of his time with the other women in his life: his ex-girlfriend, Parker, who is also the mother of his son, and his friend, Doral-Anne, who is Lucy’s childhood nemesis.


Matters are further complicated by the advice and opinions of her in-laws, and Lucy must overcome her fears of what others might think, her fear of losing Ethan and her guilt over her husband’s death.


Although “The Next Best Thing” deals with a somber subject matter, it is a lighthearted and enjoyable novel about a widow’s journey to overcome grief and her search for happiness.


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