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Author Interview: Beth Kery

Written by Jennifer Porter
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BecauseYouAreMineIIRNN is pleased to host Beth Kery for a Q&A. "Part II: Because I Could Not Resist" of Beth Kery's serial romance "Because You Are Mine" released yesterday. Interested? Read on to learn more about this serial romance. Read to the end to find out how to win a copy of Kery's "Wicked Burn" which recently re-released in mass market paperback and is one of RNN's tops picks for erotic romance of 2012.


Q: Your next Berkley release is BECAUSE YOU ARE MINE, a serial romance that will be released in 8 weekly installments. Can you give our readers some background about this story?

A: Because You Are Mine is a love story that begins as a sexual obsession between a billionaire entrepreneur and an artist/graduate student. He commissions her to do the centerpiece painting for his new headquarters, but there are threads that connect this couple even farther back in history than before their first meeting. Because of those threads—what I would call ‘soul threads’—what seems to be a sexual obsession in reality, from the very beginning, is just the beginning of a relationship between a couple that was destined to be together. Although, there’s no real evidence for that at first, as personal histories and insecurities are hurdled and finally shared.



I would describe this story as a little bit Cinderella, Pretty Woman, Harlequin Presents, Fifty Shades, and a lot Beth Kery rolled into one. Even though I wanted this book to have that dark, obsessional sexual edge, I also wanted the lighter, magical moments of first falling in love—an outdoor lunch at a Parisian café, an impromptu summer concert on the lawn, the perfect gift given at the perfect moment…


Because You Are Mine contains elements of BDSM and D/s. For Francesca, the heroine, getting involved with complicated, enigmatic, controlling Ian Noble is a risk, but the excitement of it—the thrill of being with him and taking everything he has to offer her—is too great to resist. He’s the type of man that can whisk you away to Paris in a private jet for a romantic getaway and open up whole new territories of experience, both in the bedroom and out. For Ian, he can’t keep away from Francesca despite her innocence. What seems like a solely sexual obsession becomes the beginning path on the journey toward healing. Both Ian and Francesca have inner demons, but they really aren’t of the highly dysfunctional variety. They are both healable. I love how we get to see them grow as they both teach each other valuable, needed lessons and thrive in each other’s presence.


Q: Why publish BECAUSE YOU ARE MINE as a serial?

A: It was the publisher’s decision to do it as a serial. I don’t know their specific reasoning, but I have some ideas. Plus, with this whole process, I’ve really thought about the serialization a lot. I think the popularity of fanfic is relevant—the idea of anticipating the next installment, although BECAUSE is a bit different than fanfic, because it will be consistent in its publication every Tuesday. Reader technology and social media provide new and exciting ways to share a book. Time is controlled, so readers are often consuming the book at the same pace and can share via social media outlets.


Many people don’t realize that in the traditional publishing format, a book isn’t published until six months to a year after it’s written. In the case of BECAUSE, I literally just finished it, and readers are already starting to experience it. It makes for a much more invigorating and fresh experience, in my opinion. If BECAUSE had been done traditionally, readers would not lay eyes to it until winter or spring next year. It’s an additional reader choice to read the book this way. However, for readers who must consume all at once, there’s always the option of waiting. All eight parts will be out in September, which is still much, much earlier than it would have been out in the traditional publishing format. The publisher, my editor, myself and so many other people worked our tails off to get the book out with this format and offer readers an additional choice. Tons of work, but tons of fun, too.


Q: Did you write BECAUSE YOU ARE MINE knowing it would be released in installments? Or did you write it as a full-length novel that was then broken up into distinct segments?


A: I wrote it knowing it would be in installments. It was very challenging. We came up with titles first, then rough synopses, and then went to writing. Sometimes blurbs had to be altered as plot threads changed in the story. I was totally submersed in this intensive writing/editing/feedback process. I’ve never experienced anything like it as an author. It was nerve wracking at times, but also so rich in regard to creativity. I lived, breathed and dreamed BECAUSE for months on end. I still am, for that matter.


Q: Is it more difficult to publish something in serial format? It seems like it would be more complicated because each segment has its own cover, title and blurb.


A: Yes, it was very challenging. As I’ve said, the staff at Berkley really put in intensive effort on this one, as I did. Constant feedback was necessary between all departments and myself to pull this off. We all had to step up our game, and in my opinion, it came off brilliantly. There were so many places it could have gone wrong, but by some miracle, it didn’t. I really have to tip my hat to the Berkley staff for their masterful planning on this.


Q: What is up next for Beth Kery/Bethany Kane?


A: BECAUSE YOU ARE MINE will continue to come out each Tuesday until the last installment in September. After that, I have a novella in the One Night of Passion series called CAPTURED BY YOU in October. For those of you who follow this series, this is Sherona Legion’s sexy romance. I’m very excited about EXPOSED TO YOU debuting in November of this year. This is movie star Everett Hughes’ novel (Katie’s brother). I’m so pleased with Everett; he’s super alpha, but one of my healthiest heroes—yes, despite the fact that he thrives in Hollywood. I fell in love with Everett writing him. Just as a note, both CAPTURED BY YOU and EXPOSED TO YOU will be written under Beth Kery versus Bethany Kane. As for what I’m working on now, it’s a follow up serial in Ian and Francesca’s BECAUSE world. It will debut in Janurary of 2013.


Thank you so much for having me here!


Author Link: http://www.bethkery.com/


Sincere thanks from us at RNN to Beth Kery for answering our questions!


RNN has one copy of Beth Kery's "Wicked Burn" which is a fantastic erotic romance. To enter, leave a comment letting us know what your favorite erotic romance is. The contest is open to U.S. and Canadian residents and entries will be accepted until Saturday, August 11, 2012 at midnight EST. One winner will be chosen at random and notified via email.

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