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Thursday, 17 May 2012 14:53

Review: Make Me

Written by Jennifer Porter
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Make_Me_325x465“Make Me” by Charlotte Stein (erotic, Mischief, May 2012, $3.99, 120pp)


An intense ménage leaves their friendship in tatters, but now, ten years later, things don’t seem quite as forbidden. Two guys, one girl … all possibilities. Maisie had no idea her best friends could be so kinky. But now, ten years after the most intense sexual encounter of her life, she’s about to discover just how sexually flexible they can be. Forced to face Brandon and Tyler, Maisie comes up against something she doesn’t expect: the intensity of her own desires for things best left in the past. But once Brandon’s confessed to her just how persuasive Tyler can be when it comes to kinky encounters, Maisie finds that some things can never be buried. She wants them both, and she’s no longer afraid to admit it…



One evening Maisie’s two male friends, Brandon and Tyler, show her their very kinky side. The intimate encounter knocks Maisie’s socks off, but she is rather frightened by the experience – and by what she learns about her friends.


Ten years later, Maisie attends a party thrown by Brandon and Tyler where the two continue with their earlier seduction. Realizing that she has missed them both and the way they touched her, Maisie wants to see where things among the three of them are headed. But she isn’t sure. Brandon and Tyler’s relationship is mystifying. She knows they like women from her own experience with them. However, there is much more going on.


And Brandon lets Tyler take charge and tell him what to do. Tyler likes to tell Maisie what to do as well. Yet, she can’t help but stop and ask questions. Does Brandon like doing what Tyler tells him? What exactly is their relationship? And ultimately, what does Tyler really want? Is this just a game to Tyler or does he truly care about Brandon and Maisie?


The story begins with Brandon and Tyler’s sexy seduction of Maisie. The scene is steamy, an attention-getting opening. But Maisie’s uncertainty about her relationship with Brandon and Tyler is strong, as is her uncertainty about how to deal with her own hidden desires to be a part of their kinks. This uncertainty is still there ten years later, but Maisie forces herself to deal with it.


Tyler is a fascinating character. He is the driving force, the controlling partner who knows exactly what buttons to push to get people to do what he wants. Maisie turns the tables on him and pushes right back creating one of my favorite parts of the story. Yet, Tyler is still an impregnable entity who doesn’t care to show much if any emotion. He does come through in the end though, in a very fitting way.


Brandon is the less dominant personality. We don’t get much of him. He seems happy with following Tyler’s lead, happy with Maisie and happy with anything either one of the two want to do to him. There isn’t much depth to his character, probably because there isn’t much conflict surrounding him.


Charlotte Stein often writes in an oblique manner. She details Maisie’s conflict over the situation with Tyler and Brandon, but readers must decide if Maisie’s concerns are answered on their own. This style works well in “Make Me” because Tyler is an oblique sort of guy. It also helps to build the sexual tension among the three characters.


“Make Me” is a hot and very naughty m/m/f ménage romance with some shifting, but sexy power exchanges. The ending is perfectly played, as Tyler offers readers just a hint of himself beyond his sexual side. This one drew me in from the beginning and didn’t let go until the very end.


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