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Review: Hannah's Joy

Written by Trina Chase
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Hannahs_Joy“Hannah’s Joy” by Marta Perry (Amish, contemporary, Berkley, May 2012, $15.00, 336pp)


Series: Pleasant Valley

  1. “Leah’s Choice”
  2. “Rachel’s Garden”
  3. “Anna’s Return”
  4. “Sarah’s Gift”
  5. “Katie’s Way”

Unexpected tragedy has left Hannah Conroy without her soldier husband and a home for her baby son, Jamie. Seeking refuge, she comes to live with her aunt in Pleasant Valley, a place she hasn’t seen since childhood, when her parents left their Old Order Mennonite faith.


Hannah finds a sympathetic friend in furniture craftsman William Brand, whose stammer seems to isolate him from his Amish community. Hannah is drawn to William, but a startling ultimatum from her former father-in-law makes it seem she must leave Pleasant Valley or risk losing her son.


As William seeks the courage to stand up for the woman who believes in him, Hannah must decide where her true home lies—in the ever-changing world she knows or in the simpler, loving community she’s found.


“Hannah’s Joy” by Marta Perry is book 6 in the Pleasant Valley series. When Hannah Conroy loses her military husband, she has to find a home for her and her son, Jamie. The only person she has to turn to is her Aunt Paula. The catch is that Aunt Paula lives in an Amish community known as Pleasant Valley. Hannah’s family left Pleasant Valley when she was 9, so she is unsure as to how she’ll be accepted.


William Brand struggles with a speech impediment daily. His stuttering makes him uncomfortable when talking to others. This leads people to believe that they can talk and think for William. While working at her aunt’s bakery, Hannah meets William and wants to help him. She attended school for speech therapy, but was unable to finish. William is thankful for her help, but both of them are afraid that people will gossip about the time they spend together.


When Hannah’s friend, Megan, visits, Hannah realizes how comfortable she has become in the Amish community. She knows that Megan doesn’t understand their beliefs, especially because Megan continually asks Hannah to live with her. Megan doesn’t understand how Hannah can be happy living with her aunt. However, living on a military base is not the life she wants for her and Jamie. Plus, she’s becoming more comfortable with the Amish lifestyle.


When Hannah receives an unexpected call and visit from her father-in-law, she’s unsure of his intentions. At first she is glad that Robert Conroy wants to get to know his grandson. Then when Robert threatens to take Jamie away from her, Hannah questions if she’s willing to give up her newfound family and friends just to make Robert happy. Robert doesn’t understand why Hannah wants to live in this type of community. William realizes his feelings for Hannah and wants her to know that he will stand by her no matter what.


Even though this is book 6 of the Pleasant Valley series, it can be read alone. It does mention characters from the other books, but this has its own story concerning Hannah and William. I like reading these stories about the Amish. It’s so refreshing to see how the community is also like a big family. Hannah is so worried that people will consider her an outsider and she never expects the warm welcomes she receives. The whole community works together for the benefits of others and they show such strong feelings of kindness.


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