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Review: The Saint Who Stole My Heart

Written by Trina Chase
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Saint-Stole1-200x326“The Saint Who Stole My Heart” by Stefanie Sloane (historical, Ballantine, May 2012, $7.99, 304pp)


Series: The Regency Rogues

  1. “The Devil in Disguise” – Lord William Randall, the Duke of Clairemont & Lucinda Gray
  2. “The Angel in My Arms” – Marcus Maxwell, the Earl of Weston & Sarah Tisdale
  3. “The Sinner Who Seduced Me” – James Marlowe & Lady Clarissa Collins
  4. “The Saint Who Stole My Heart” – Dashiel Matthews, Viscount Carrington & Miss Elena Barnes
  5. “The Scoundrel Takes a Bride” – Nicholas Bourne & Lady Sophia Southwell (to be releasesed)
  6. “The Wicked Widow Meets Her Match” – Langdon Bourne, the Earl of Stonehcliffe & Grace Crowther (to be released)



Dashiell Matthews, Viscount Carrington, remembers little of Miss Elena Barnes beyond her slight build, mousy character, and bookish ways. Her unavoidable presence at Carrington House would be inconvenient, true, but a woman could hardly prove enough of a distraction to interfere with what was the most important case of Dash’s life—ferreting out the monster who’d murdered a dear friend’s mother many years before.


Dash would, of course, live to regret such an assumption.


As for Elena, a trip to London to retrieve a priceless book is troublesome, though not nearly as much as the feelings the viscount inspires in her. His touch elicits feelings from Elena that she’d only ever read about. Her skin tingles. Lord Hardwicke is as handsome as she remembered—actually, more so as he’d grown into his frame in a rather attractive manner—and as dim as a ha’penny tallow. Or is he? The more time Elena spends with the man, the greater her suspicions grow regarding his intellect and just what he might be up to as they’re thrown together in the search for an individual known only as the Rook.


Can true love save the day? Find out in the exciting and enthralling fourth installment of the Regency Rogues. 


“The Saint Who Stole My Heart” is a new Regency Rogues novel by Stefanie Sloane. The main character, Elena Barnes, is a quiet intelligent woman living in the country. She can’t believe her luck when she learns that the late father of Dashiell Matthews, Viscount Carrington, has left his prized book collection to her father. When she travels to the Viscount’s home for the books, she thinks it will be easy – just pack up the books and go home.


Dashiell is a very intelligent man, but he chooses not to let anyone see it. The death of a childhood friend’s mother has haunted him throughout his life. New information surfaces and he finds himself, along with another friend, trying to finally solve this murder. He doesn’t think that Elena’s arrival will interfere with his work.


However, the more time that Elena spends with Dashiell, the more she starts to see his true self. She doesn’t understand why he chooses to live a charade. Elena doesn’t want to fall for him, and he certainly doesn’t want to fall for a bookworm…at first. Once Dashiell realizes his true feelings for Elena, he fears for her safety. The closer he gets to the killer’s identity, the more he worries that the killer may target her. Now, the murder is no longer his top priority. He needs to keep Elena safe. He trusts his best friend, Nicholas, to help.


Dashiell has an Aunt Bessie who is trying to play matchmaker. She becomes a strong ally for Elena. Elena respects Bessie and the work she does for the Halcyon Society. Elena wants to help with this cause also. She thinks it’s very important for women to have other options instead of prostitution. When her maid finds herself in trouble, Elena vows to help other women in the same predicament.


I really enjoy reading historical fiction. I never get tired of the stories and the characters. This book also holds some mystery along with the budding romance. Elena and Dashiell think they are complete opposites. They find that they have more in common than they think. When reading this story, I could see their relationship unfold. I also think that Aunt Bessie is amusing. With her age and position in society, she seems to be able to get away with more and she uses that to her fullest advantage.


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