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Saturday, 28 April 2012 18:41

NECRWA Literacy Signing

Written by Jennifer Porter
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Kristan_MeToday, I made the treck up to Salem, Massachusetts to attend the Book Fair/Literacy Signing that the New England Chapter of The Romance Writers of America held as part of their annual conference. Last year's event was my first ever book signing. The crowd is rather small which makes it easy to talk to any and all authors. It is a very different scene from the mob scene of the literacy signing at RWA's annual conference. I would recommend this local event to all romance aficionados. (By the way, the picture to the left is of Kristan Higgins and me taken by Judith Arnold)



Here are some highlights of the signing:

I spent quite a bit of time talking to Kristan Higgins, who is an absolute doll.She is quite funny and extremely gracious.


I met author Frances Stockton. While she wasn't signing (which did bum me out because I would've bought a signed copy of "Playing Doctor"), she was there. I was so glad that I had the opportunity to say hi and reiterate my love of all things Phalen (the hero of her book "Ink Master").


Judith_ArnoldI talked to Judith Arnold who told me a great story about defending the romance genre to a bunch of academics. Go Judith! (That is Judith Arnold pictured left)


While I was browsing the list of authors who planned to attend the signing, the name Karenna Colcroft stood out to me. I looked back over my reading lists and realized that I had recently read a short story of her in an anthology "Irresistible: Erotica for Couples." I felt that her story was one of the strongest in the anthology, so I made it a point to speak to her.


As for Penny Watson, I've been a fan of her blog for a while. Also, Penny has been my NECRWA contact for news Penny_Watsonitems on the conference. So, I had to go introduce myself to her. And, I promised that I would mention that the ever-so competitive Penny sold out of her books! Yes, I was able to snag her second to last copy. (Penny Watson pictured to the right)


I briefly chatted with Teresa Noelle Roberts and Amber Skyze as well. I'm fairly certain that I've read something by Amber Skyze before but I can't seem to find any record. Of course, books do fall throught the cracks sometimes.


Lastly (but not least), I talke briefly to Barbara Wallace, a Harlequin author who sets many of her books in the New England area. I'm hoping to feature more books set in New England on Romance Novel News, so I'm keeping my eye on Barbara Wallace.

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