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Jennifer’s Weekly Reads: April 16 – 22, 2012

Written by Jennifer Porter
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“The Domino Tattoo” by Cyrian Amberlake (ebook)
I read this book based on a recommendation from author Portia Da Costa. It is erotica rather than erotic romance and follows one woman’s strange sexual journey. What I liked best about this story is the psychological aspects. Josephine is having some difficulties after her divorce and goes to a family doctor for help. She is sent on a journey without ever really knowing what exactly is happening. This book is a great read, and I will be reading the next two books in the series. Big thanks to Portia Da Costa for the recommendation!


“The Virgin’s Revenge” by Dee Tenorio (ebook, review copy)
This book releases on July 3rd, 2012, review to come. But as a hint, this is a great read! My first Dee Tenorio, but not my last.


“Wicked Teacher” by Elizabeth Lapthorne (ebook)
In this erotic romance, a couple engages in some steamy role playing. The heroine plays wayward student to the hero’s stern teacher. Some readers may want to be aware of the role playing, as the student/teacher dynamic does flirt with non-consensuality. I enjoyed this story and think that it was quite well done. Lapthorne sets the scene for the role playing masterfully. This is a very hot read.



“Identity Crisis” by Lila Munro (ebook)
Chad and Tori have been married for several years. Their relationship is a strong one, but does have a major problem. Tori is a submissive – core deep, but Chad isn’t so much of a dominant. He does allow act as Tori’s dominant three days a year, but knows that she needs more. For their anniversary, Chad invites someone else to play with them, someone who is more of a dominant than Chad. This leads to some interesting changes in Chad and Tori’s relationship. Interesting, I’ve read the next two books in this Munro series, but had never read this first one. I think this is the strongest of the three. I loved the emotional journey that Tori and Chad take – with the man who Chad invites into their lives.


“Three-way Tie” by Sierra Cartwright (ebook)
Lindsay wins a weekend with a Dom, but is surprised by two Doms commanding her. Master Rafael was a bit disappointed when he realized the winner was new to the scene, so he recruited Master Eric – ostensibly to help him keep his distance. But there is something about Lindsay that calls to Rafael, especially since she takes and enjoys everything that he puts her through. I am a fan of Sierra Cartwright and think this is one of her stronger books – and it’s a scorcher of a tale.


RNNREad2-3“Dom for Sale” by Christine d’Abo (ebook)
I’m not sure that I’ve read about Doms being auctioned off before – and because this is the premise of “Dom for Sale”, I was intrigued by this story. In it, Liz lets her friend talk her into going to an auction at a BDSM club. The friend has a plan to get Liz to buy Master Gareth, a Dom who hasn’t played much since the death of his wife. d’Abo did a fantastic job with this story. I love the way that Gareth insists on actually talking to Liz after she won him – and the way that Liz pursues the commitment-shy Gareth.


“Let Me In” by Callie Croix (ebook, review copy, NetGalley)
Review to come


“Twisted” by Laura Griffin (ebook)
There was lots of talk on Twitter about this book. Since I’ve never read Griffin, I felt compelled. After all, I definitely enjoy romantic suspense. I have no idea why I’ve skipped over her books in the past (I have some vague notion that her covers gave me the impression that her books weren’t really romances). Overall, I enjoyed this story of an inexperienced female police office and wary male FBI profiler who were trying to catch a gruesome serial killer. I did think that suspense plot overshadowed the romance – which was a bit slow moving. However, the suspense plot was well done. I will be reading more by Laura Griffin in the future.


“I Only Have Eyes for You” by Bella Andre (ebook, review copy, NetGalley)
Review to come


“The Science of Submission” by Justine Elyot (ebook)
This is a highly intriguing story. Ailish meets the Scientist at a bar during some type of trivia contest. The Scientist usually wins, but Ailish provides some serious competition. The Scientist is very interested in Ailish; he sees a submissive side to her. I loved the Scientist was a bit of a nerd, but one who was a very commanding dominant. This is an extremely hot novella.


“Caressa’s Knees” by Annabel Joseph (ebook)
“Caressa’s Knees” is a sequel to Joseph’s “Comfort Object” and follows the romance of Caressa, a famous and highly temperamental  cello player, and Kyle, the procurer of girlfriends from “Comfort Object.” Caressa is difficult to like. She throws tantrums and changes her mind with whiplash-like speed. Kyle is hired by Caressa’s aunt to be her personal assistant. He soon finds that she is somewhat tamed by a sexual relationship where he is the Dom. While “Comfort Object” is a challenging book to read because of the BDSM aspects, “Caressa’s Knees” is a challenging because of Caressa. I did have to remind myself several times that she is only 20 and that her immature behavior could well be the result of her age. Having said this, I did like the relationship between Caressa and Kyle. I liked the story, although was much happier with it when Caressa acted like an adult.


“Anything But Vanilla” by Madelynne Ellis (ebook, review copy)
Review to come


“Lyon’s Bride” by Cathy Maxwell (review copy)
Review to come

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