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Review: All for You

Written by Trina Chase
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all-for-you-xl“All for You” by Lynn Kurland (time travel, Jove, April 2012, $7.99, 320pp)



Peaches Alexander is thrilled to receive an unexpected invitation to a weekend party given by the handsome, eligible Duke of Kenneworth. The only problem: Stephen de Piaget, a stuffy medieval studies scholar who seems determined to get in the way. Peaches has absolutely no desire to get involved with Stephen, until a quirk of Fate sends her hurtling through time…


Stephen de Piaget has been leading a double life: respectable professor by day, knight-in-training during holidays and summer terms. When Peaches goes missing, Stephen knows he’s the only one who can rescue her from medieval peril. Little do they know that the greatest danger they’ll face won’t be the business end of a sword, but their own unruly hearts…. 




“All for You” is a new time travel romance by Lynn Kurland. The main character, Peaches Alexander, is looking for a fairy tale. She wants to meet a handsome ‘prince’ and fall madly in love. So far, things are not going well. Ironically, her twin sister, Tess, is actually living the fairy tale. Tess’ husband, John, is from about 800 years ago. When he time traveled to present day, he fell in love with Tess and opted to stay and marry her. The two now live in Sedgwick Castle. When Peaches sees them together, she can’t help but want the same thing.


When Peaches receives an invitation to a ball from David Preston, the Duke of Kenneworth, she thinks she might have a chance for her fairy tale. Unfortunately, everyone but Peaches realizes David’s true intentions. She overhears David’s sister and cousin talking and sees that David has no true feelings for her. As she goes outside for air, she steps into a time portal and travels back in time to medieval England.


Stephen de Piaget is a very handsome man. He’s also the Viscount Haulton and future Earl of Artane. He catches the eye of every woman around, but has not found anyone of true interest, even though his grandmother is ready for him to marry a titled woman. Stephen had the pleasure of meeting Peaches at an earlier function. However, he did not make the best first impression and believes that she despises him. He still can’t help but notice and admire her beauty whenever she’s around. That’s how he realizes that she’s missing during the ball. While looking for her, he finds one of her shoes at the entrance to the time portal. He doesn’t hesitate to follow in order to rescue Peaches and bring her home.


When Peaches sees her rescuer, she can’t help but think that he’s always there when she needs someone. She knows that she doesn’t have any titles so she doesn’t think they would make a good match. However, she can’t help but notice how handsome and polite he is. She realizes that he must have been a really good student at nobility school.


David Preston is not done trying to get what he wants from Peaches. He seems to show up everywhere. When she realizes how arrogant and self-centered he is, she can’t believe she was attracted to him. And for some reason, David and Stephen truly dislike each other. David seems to think he can force Stephen to marry his cousin because he professes to have a deed to Stephen’s home, Artane. This deed was apparently lost in a gamble of cards by some of their ancestors. It takes the brains and passion of Stephen and Peaches to investigate when this ‘game’ actually took place. They then travel back in time to slightly change the outcome of the game. As they continue to work together, Peaches can’t help but think she was wrong about Stephen. Stephen also does everything he can to woo Peaches and convince her that he’s the man for her.


I really liked how this book showed the English personality. Even though it was present day, I could see the personality traits from long ago reflected in the English characters. I also liked the interactions between Peaches and Stephen. She’s American and he’s English. It was interesting to see the differences in their characters. I found some of their situations and conversations humorous. I did catch myself smiling from time to time. This was a time travel novel, but the story didn’t consist solely of time traveling. I liked this because I didn’t get lost in the different eras. I was able to keep present and past separate. It also had some characters from the past living in present day and vice versa. I liked seeing how the characters from different time periods adapted to their current situation.


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