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Saturday, 21 April 2012 19:40

Review: A Lady's Revenge

Written by Jennifer Porter
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A-Ladys-Revenge-Cover-Feb-2012-55K_FINAL“A Lady’s Revenge” by Tracey Devlyn (historical, Sourcebooks, April 2012, $6.99, 448pp)


Series: Nexus

  1. “A Lady’s Revenge” – Cora deBeau & Guy Trevelyan
  2. “Checkmate My Lord” – Lord Somerton, Sebastian Danvers & Lauren Ashcroft (to be released early 2013)
  3. Untitled – Ethan deBeau & Samantha Hunt (to be released fall 2013)


A British agent flees her French captor’s torturous dungeon and falls in love with the decoder responsible for her imprisonment.


British agent Cora deBeau has spent the last three years seducing secrets from the most hardened of French spies while searching for her parents’ killer. When her latest assignment goes awry, she suffers at the hands of her French captor until Guy Trevelyan, the Earl of Helsford and master cryptographer, saves her during a daring rescue. Scarred and wary of men, Cora shies away from the one man who could heal her savaged heart.


After rescuing Cora from a French dungeon, Guy discovers it was one of his deciphered messages that led to her captivity. Guy strives to earn her forgiveness while outwitting their enemy. But will he find the scars on her wounded soul run too deep?



I can’t resist new or debut authors. It makes me so happy when a book by a new author captures my imagination. As such, I rarely turn down the opportunity to read debut books – even if I’m not entirely sure about the premise. Historical romances with a spy-theme seem rather ubiquitous. I often wonder what Napoleon would think if he knew he would live in infamy as the scourge of Regency romances. Anyway, I decided to read Tracey Devlyn’s debut, “A Lady’s Revenge,” and I am eternally grateful that I did. Devlyn offers a unique twist the hero-as-tortured-spy theme with a hard-hitting and emotional romance that makes me believe this author is here to stay.


Guy and Ethan are on a mission to France to rescue a fellow, female spy known as the Raven. When they infiltrate the place where she is being held, they interrupt a ghastly torture scene. While Guy believes that the person being tortured is a slender male, and not his target, he cannot leave the poor man to his torture. He is stunned to learn that the man is actually Cora deBeau, a woman he knows very well. Guy grew up close to the deBeaus and is devastated to learn about Cora’s situation. Things get even worse for Guy when he learns how Cora came to be involved in the investigation that got her captured.


The fact that Cora is spy, one who is brutally tortured made this romance very different for me. Then there is the fact that Cora is a highly important and legendary spy who has sacrificed so much for her country. In fact, Cora got close to the man on whom she was spying by becoming his lover. For Cora, this was all part of her lifelong quest to avenge her parents’ murder.


Guy is determined to protect Cora and to give her a chance to heal from her ordeal. There are definitely tender feelings between the two, feelings that Guy has tried to deny for years because of his own work as a spy. After almost losing her, Guy is not willing to let her slip through his fingers again.


This story is quite dark and angsty, especially for a historical romance – and this might be one of the reasons I found it to be such a refreshingly different read. Cora is a very strong and determined woman. She made a choice to become a spy and find those responsible for her parents’ deaths, despite the fact that she believed this choice would render her unmarriageable. But Guy won’t let her be alone, and I love him for this.


“A Lady’s Revenge” is an impressive story that turns the well-used spy trope in historical romance on its ear. While I did get a bit tired of the way that the bad guy kept turning up – and with the ease with which he kept getting to the heroine, this tale kept me glued to my ereader. The heat between Guy and Cora made me a firm believer in their romance. Tracey Devlyn’s debut is a winner, and she very nicely introduces the characters in her upcoming books. I’m hooked – and I will follow where Devlyn goes next.


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