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Monday, 09 April 2012 20:05

Review: Magic Unchained

Written by Jennifer Porter
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Magic_Unchained“Magic Unchained” by Jessica Andersen (paranormal, Signet Eclipse, April 2012, $7.99, 448pp)


Series: The Final Prophecy

  1. “Nightkeepers” – Striking Jaguar & Leah Daniels
  2. “Dawnkeepers” – Nate Blackhawkk & Alexis Gray
  3. “Skykeepers” – Sasha Ledbetter & Michael Stone
  4. “Demonkeepers” – Lucius & Jade
  5. “Blood Spells” – Patience & Brandt
  6. “Storm Kissed” – Reese Montana & Snake Mendez
  7. “Magic Unchained” – Cara Liu & Sven
  8. “Spellfire” – Rabbit & Myrinne; and Anna (to be released November 2012)



Cara Liu is determined to unite the forces under her leadership but when Nightkeeper Sven enters the scene, Cara has trouble separating her duty to her people from her desire for her ex-lover. Their secret affair will not only jeopardize a tenuous alliance among the Nightkeepers, but it also distracts them from a danger within their own ranks planning a vicious betrayal...


As I was starting my review, I had this urge to start with “Things are heating up for the Nightkeepers.” But it then dawned on me that this series has been a hotbed of apocalyptic frenzy since the first book (“Nightkeepers”). After all, the characters have been racing to stop the Maya end-date prophecy from being fulfilled and destroying the world on December 22, 2012. So, the situation is becoming more critical in “Magic Unchained” as the end date approaches, but they aren't really heating up.


In “Magic Unchained,” Cara Liu is desperately trying to cement her leadership of the winikin, the group of human servants that serve the Nightkeepers. Cara was not a popular choice as the next leader of the winikin, and she has to deal with a splintered group. The discontent among the winikin is creating significant problems for the Nightkeepers as they all scramble to unravel the clues to resurrect the First Father.


Cara isn’t sure that things can get worse, until Sven, one of the Nightkeepers, returns to Skywatch messing with her equilibrium. Cara has loved Sven for years, but her father had driven a deep wedge between the two, convincing them that winikins and Nightkeepers can never be together. Cara and Sven have to find their way to deal with their blistering attraction, listen to the gods and make their own path. Their relationship at first creates more problems between the winikin and Nightkeepers, but may be just what the gods require to turn the tide of their battle to stop the apocalypse.


I adore this series. It is filled with magic, blood and sex. It can be difficult to follow at times. I have found that I have to read these books very closely in order to get every nuance and detail. There are definitely things that I miss and things that I don’t get, but the romances are engaging and the overall story arc is incredibly compelling. One thing I really appreciate as well is that this series has always had a firm end date. I am extremely excited that the series is nearing its end and that we will getting Rabbit’s story and Anna’s story before 2012 is done.


“Magic Unchained” is a book that offers a different glimpse into the Nightkeeper world – through the eyes of the winikin. While the winikin have always been integral to the series, they have been in mostly a support role. Under Cara’s leadership, they take a much more prominent role in the battle which adds a fascinating angle.


So, while things aren’t necessarily heating up in “Magic Unchained,” they are reaching a critical point which will help to determine whether the Nightkeepers can save the world or not. This series is an action-packed thrill ride. Admittedly, the action in “Magic Unchained” is a bit slower than in previous books, but this allows for the romance to take a more prominent role. And Cara and Sven’s romance definitely stands out.


Note: I recommend reading this series in order.


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