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Tuesday, 03 April 2012 20:42

Review: Caught in the Act

Written by Jennifer Porter
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caught_300“Caught in the Act” by Jill Sorenson (romantic suspense, Bantam, April 2012, $7.99, 400pp)




As the owner of a flourishing Latin American crafts boutique, Karina Strauss should be basking in her success. Instead she’s worried about her troubled sister, the girlfriend—and prisoner—of drug lord Carlos Moreno. Kari wants no part of that life, but when she helps a friend cross into the United States illegally, two men on opposite sides of the law take notice: Moreno and Adam Cortez, the handsome border protection officer who lets Kari off the hook. It’s not just Kari’s tantalizing flash of skin that catches Adam’s attention—her drug cartel connections bring back the demons of his past.


Moreno demands that Kari smuggle a package for him in exchange for her sister’s freedom. Adam also gets dangerously close, tempting her to surrender and fulfill her wildest desires. As Kari prepares for the drug run, dark secrets, violent criminals, and deadly consequences lurk around every corner. But concern for her sister drives Kari toward a terrifying act, despite Adam’s warnings, despite her overwhelming fears—and despite the odds against coming out alive.



I’m not entirely sure why I find the setting of Jill Sorenson’s books so compelling. She definitely creates multi-dimensional characters who must deal with difficult life situations and awful life choices. Her plots are engaging, filled with danger and action, and interspersed with palpable and believable romantic tension. But I often wonder if I’m drawn to her stories because of diverse elements of the world in which she writes. After all, I live on the East Coast, in Massachusetts - and life on the Mexico/California border is a world away – and very mysterious. This makes much of what Sorenson writes about refreshingly different from my life.


Karina Strauss owns a boutique that specializes in Latin American crafts. To keep her inventory fresh, she makes weekly buying across the border to Mexico. On one trip, she smuggles a friend into the U.S., narrowly avoiding detection by Adam Cortez, a border protection officer who realizes that Karina is up to something. Unfortunately, someone else takes notice of Karina’s actions and decides to blackmail her. The situation is made more complicated by the fact that the blackmailer is deeply involved with Karina’s drug-addict sister.


Karina knows that the last thing she should do is get involved with a border protection officer, but the chemistry between Adam and Karina cannot be denied. Each has their own secrets, ensuring that the course of true love won’t run smoothly. Of course, the danger from the blackmailing drug dealer is a major threat as well.


In addition to Adam and Karina’s relationship, there is a secondary romance between Maria, the woman Karina smuggled into the U.S., and Ian, Adam’s friend. Ian is a DEA agent working undercover. He and Maria have a bit of a history from an earlier attempt to illegally leave Mexico. They renew their acquaintance when Maria ends up working in a hotel run by the drug dealers – and where Ian is buying drugs undercover. This romance complements Karina and Adam’s nicely.


“Caught in the Act” is a romance that will keep readers on the edges of their seats – the romance is hot and the action is intense. The characters captured my attention and never let go. This book is a great choice for readers looking for an unusual setting with diverse characters.


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