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Jennifer’s Weekly Reads: February 27-March 4, 2012

Written by Jennifer Porter
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RNNREad2-3“Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman” by JB Lynn (review copy)
See review


“Sybil Disobedience” by Brynn Paulin (ebook)
In this erotic romance, Kellon wants to get back together with Sybil who used to be his submissive. However, she ended their relationship because Kellon would not spank her – something she needs as part of her relationship. Is Kellon finally able to spank the woman he loves? This is a solid erotic romance.


“Red Lust” by Sindra van Yssel (ebook)
Stella and Ethan hit it off when they meet and play at a local BDSM club. They each find someone who seems to want and need the same types of things. But Stella is skittish about a relationship, especially when she learns that she will be treating Ethan for an arm injury (she is a physical therapist). There is an interesting dynamic between the two because, of course, Ethan needs his hand for spanking – and Stella can’t trust Ethan to not push himself to hard. This is a decent book, but I’m not sure exactly how I feel about the therapist/patient dynamic interfering with (or juxtaposing against) their intimate relationship.



“Deadly Sins” by Lora Leigh (ebook)
Ugh! I’m a huge fan of Lora Leigh, but this series is a convoluted mess. The series arc is almost unintelligible. I do like the characters and will be reading the third book in the series to see if things actually make sense. But I don’t hold out much hope. Seriously, the bad guys are trying to kill the women who sleep with the heroes because they might get pregnant. Whacky! And, I'm having trouble believing that there is any reason for such multi-generational hatred for the three heroes and their parents (who were murdered).


“Immersed in Pleasure” by Tiffany Reisz (ebook, review copy, NetGalley)
See review


“Assumed Identity” by Lila Munro (ebook)
This was a curious read for me, and I’m not exactly sure how I would classify my reactions. It is about Julie, a woman who everyone knows is highly submissive – except for Julie. Her two best friends (one is a pretend Domme and the other is a gay submissive in a relationship with the bisexual Dom, Dante) think she needs help to realize her sexual potential. After some mistakes, Julie ends up with Mason. Yet, there are still questions about Dante and Julie’s relationship – and whether there is anything concrete between them (in terms of their feelings, not physically). Julie and Mason do end up together – and then comes the epilogue which is 15 years later. There is a sequel which I think features Julie and Dante. So, be prepared for a not-so happy ending with a bit of a cliffhanger. I absolutely need more time to process this book.


“Sensation Play” by Ann Mayburn (ebook)
The erotic romances in the 1 Night Stand series are quite short which sometimes means they don’t make as much of an impression (or maybe it is that I have a harder time remembering them). I do clearly remember Erica and Jonas – and I absolutely remember Erica’s annoying older brothers. Overall, I think this one was sweetly erotic. There is a BDSM element, but it is rather slight. I know I found it an entertaining read.


“Generational Sins” by Samantha Blair (ebook)
This is a difficult book to read. David, the hero, has been under the thumb of his very domineering father for his whole life. He has been taught to use women. When he meets Katlyn, he falls for her, but doesn’t want to inflict himself on her. Katlyn, though, is a submissive and kind of teaches David about being a Dom. This book is interesting because it focuses on the growth, setbacks and difficulties of the Dom. But we do get up close and personal with David’s very nasty father. Also, the story contains a rape scene. This story isn’t for everyone. It is a very emotional and draining book to read.


“Out of My League” by Michele Zurlo (ebook)
This one didn’t work as well for me as the earlier books in the series. I just never connected with the characters. I think that I ended up skimming most of it, so I don’t want to write too much (because I didn’t read it closely enough to form a valid opinion).


“Calleigh’s Collar” by Skye Michaels (ebook)
I had a hard time getting into this one. The legalese surrounding the confidentiality clause that the heroine breaks and her resulting punishment isn’t really my thing.


“Master of My Surrender” by L.G.C. Smith (ebook)
This was a decent book. I thoroughly enjoyed Elizabeth and Rafe’s courtship – and found it highly erotic. However, there is a fantasy element with Elizabeth and her centuries-old, dead, dream lover Wulf that I couldn’t entirely get a handle on (which might be my own fault because ghost-plots aren’t my favorites). I can’t say that I get what the author was trying to convey about Wulf/Rafe. I would have enjoyed the story more without that aspect.


“Perfect Proposal” by Leah Braemel (ebook)
This novella revisits Sam and Rosie, the hero and heroine from “Personal Protection,” for Sam’s big marriage proposal. Fans of “Personal Protection” will enjoy reading this one. The proposal doesn’t go as Sam expects, but works out rather nicely.


“Bound by Desire” by Jaymie Holland (review copy)
I’m on the fence about reviewing this one. This is an erotic romance that was previously published – and I believe I read the earlier version. It is part of a series about dominant brothers who each rule their own kingdoms in another realm. In this one, Karn takes Annie from her home and brings her to his as is pre-determined mate (determined by cards). Annie has no choice and is at Karn’s mercy. While they do fall in love, I do find the lack of choice an issue in this whole series. The intimate scenes are extremely erotic (with a BDSM flavor). So, I’m still thinking about what I would write if I were to review it.


RNNREad2-3“Safeword: Matte” by Candace Blevins (ebook)
In this BDSM erotic romance, the hero (Ethan) and the heroine (Sam) are both fighters. The heroine, however, is a submissive, who needs a lover who can dominate her physically. This means that Sam and Ethan physically fight at times – and this is part of what Sam wants in her relationship. Ethan is also a sadist who needs his sub to experience pain – and to beg. Because of the nature of their relationship, there is a great deal of negotiation throughout every aspect of their relationship. Sometimes, this takes away from the romantic aspects of their interaction. This is a difficult story to read and may well bother readers who aren’t comfortable with heavy sadism. But overall, I very much enjoyed this story. The storyline fit both characters – quite well. I'm definitely intending to read more by this author.

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