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Sunday, 04 March 2012 18:25

Review: Immersed in Pleasure

Written by Jennifer Porter
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Immeresed_-_Small“Immersed in Pleasure” by Tiffany Reisz (erotic, Harlequin, March 2012, $2.99, 213kb): I read lots of erotic romance, and frankly, it isn’t often that I’m surprised by them. But a virgin, mermaid heroine? That certainly isn’t the norm. And, in her latest Harlequin Spice Brief “Immersed in Pleasure,” author Tiffany Reisz creates a watery world where these virgin mermaids tantalize and seduce.


Beneath an exclusive club resides a hidden world where a powerful businessman reigns over an underground fantasy world where women work as mermaids. The women are treated like queens. In return, they must remain virgins, have scales tattooed on their legs, swim in a large pool and flirt with the patrons. When they choose to lose their virginity, they lose their mermaid status.



One evening, Derek Price meets mermaid Xenia and is enamored. He follows her into the underground club and gets a glimpse into her world. He learns all about the life she leads and the consequences should she give her virginity to Derek. Yet, he continues to return to the club to see Xenia. The attraction between the two is fierce, and they do become intimately involved without engaging in intercourse.


I was fascinated by the fact that the heroine of this erotic romance is a virgin for the majority of the story. Does this mean that the story isn’t erotic? Absolutely not. Their world is extremely sensual – in no way asexual. It does mean that there is a wonderful romantic feel to Derek and Xenia’s courtship as they slowly explore their physical compatibility.


The story is told from Derek’s point of view as he confirms for his two friends that the rumored mermaids are in fact real – and that he knows one. This adds some mystery to the story as the reader tries to figure out if Xenia gives up her virginity or gives up Derek.


“Immersed in Pleasure” takes place in a world of fantasy and romance. While its eroticism is more subtle than I expected, the story is still extremely sexy. Readers will need to suspend their disbelief and simply kick back and enjoy the ride.  However, it will be worth it.


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