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Jennifer’s Weekly Reads: February 20-26, 2012

Written by Jennifer Porter
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RNNREad2-3“About That Night” by Julie James (review copy)
This book isn’t out until April 3, 2012 – review to come


“The Reins of Love” by Tara Buckley (ebook)
This novella is a prequel or sorts to “The Realm of You” and is the story of Tolo and his wife Beatriz. This is one of those times that I SO wanted a much longer story. Tolo is a rather fascinating character. He fell in love with Beatriz immediately and seduced her into his extremely kinky lifestyle. I just felt as if there is so much more to the story than we got here.


“Learning Curve” by Diana Hunter (ebook)
I think I read the previously published version of this one (from Ellora’s Cave). It is a good story about two students (one a dominant) starting a new relationship. There is a sweetness and romantic feel to this story that I really liked.



“Aidan’s Story” by Kissa Starling (ebook)
In this short, erotic story, the author uses food as a pivotal part of the characters’ intimate play. But, the characters must also deal with difficult real world situation (health issues for the heroine and how they might impact their sexual play). This one was ok. I wasn’t sure how well the health issues fit into the overall story.


“Surrender to Love by Sascha Illyvich (ebook)
The heroine of this story needs help her creative and sexual rut. Her therapist sends her to Las Vegas and sets her up with a one-night stand service. She ends up with a man who allows her to harness her inner desires. This is an enjoyable story, but not my favorite – mostly due to the fact that the hero helps the heroine find her more dominant side.


RNNREad2-3“Confessions from an Arranged Marriage” by Miranda Neville (ebook, review copy, edelweiss)
This book will be released on March 27, 2012 – review to come


“Spanked Princesses: The Pianist” by Erika Moran (ebook)
This book (and the series, I believe) has a domestic discipline theme – which I wasn’t aware of before I read it. I’m not a huge fan of these types of books. I find the spanking in them to be way too intense and highly unsexy.


“White Knight” by Mari Carr (ebook)
This story is a sequel to “Black Jack” which I really, really enjoyed. It features Trevor, the owner of a fetish club, and Shea, an employee at the club. Trevor usually just watches women pleasure themselves, keeping women at an arm’s length. But Shea gets to him and forces him to actually get close to someone. This is a good story, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as “Black Jack.”


“Birthday Girl” by Natasha Moore (ebook)
In this ménage story, Shannon is worried that her relationship is getting staid – especially in their sex life. Fortunately, Ty has a surprise for Shannon’s 30th birthday that involves his best friend Marc. I thought this short story was very well done and quite steamy.


“Whip Me Real Good” by Kassanna (ebook)
Unfortunately, the author refers to the heroine’s girly parts as a honey pot in this story. This reference made me think of Winnie the Pooh and thus made the rest of the story rather unsexy for me.


“Heiress without a Cause” by Sara Ramsey (ebook, review copy)
Review to come


“Nisey’s Awakening” by Dakota Trace (ebook)
Nisey wants to explore submission, but is humiliated when her boyfriend leaves her tied up and naked for her parents to find. After moving in with her best friend, said best friend asks her brother, the Dom, to help Nisey deal with her issues. Caelen and Nisey start to explore BDSM together, but must deal with the return of the ex – along with lots of emotional issues. I enjoyed this story which is the start of a series. I haven’t decided if I like it enough to continue reading though.


“Pure Sin” by Rynne Raines (ebook)
Bianca and Cade once had an intense, but short D/s relationship. Cade arranges to meet up with Bianca and renew their acquaintance. Both have unresolved feelings. I really enjoyed several parts of this story, but there was quite a bit of back and forth as Bianca accepted Cade then didn’t accept Cade and then let others make her question their relationship.


“Mia’s Spanking Diary” by Kris Cook (ebook)
This is a very short, erotic tale told in journal form. Mia is working on a thesis about BDSM and needs to talk to some practitioners. Her advisor introduces her to a Dom who will give Mia access to his club – for a price. This is a hot story. I enjoyed it, but would like to have seen a bit more character development. I think the hero and heroine needed a bit longer to fall in love. But overall, I thought this was a strong story.


“The Dom Who Loved Me” by Lexi Blake (ebook)
Sean works for his brother’s private security firm. He takes an undercover job that puts him in the path of Grace, an administrative assistant who works for a man under investigation. His plan is to get as close to Grace as possible. Sean has no problem doing this especially when he realizes that Grace is very submissive. I do have a bit of a problem with stories in which the hero or heroine must lie about their identity – mostly because of the conflict that the revelation will ultimately cause. This story line was my biggest problem with this one. Otherwise, this is a decent book, and I think that it is the start of a series (about those that work at the security firm). I am curious about future installments.


RNNREad2-3“Angels’ Flight” by Nalini Singh – anthology including “Angels’ Pawn,” “Angels’ Judgment,” “Angel’s Wolf,” “Angels’ Dance” (review copy)
See full review


“Dom Next Door” by Reese Gabriel (ebook)
Tristy and Grant are neighbors and close friends. They haven’t taken their relationship to the next level because Grant is a dominant and Tristy is not into BDSM. But after a bad breakup, Tristy goes to cry on Grant’s shoulder, and the two end up becoming lovers. They must deal with their feelings and their sexual compatibility. This is a short and sexy story. I would have liked it too be longer.


“Bound for Pleasure” by Adrianna Hunter (ebook)
This is another short, erotic story featuring a reporter who wants to learn more about the world of BDSM. She ventures into a club and finds a dominant who is willing to talk to her if she is willing to learn about BDSM first hand. I needed more time to get invested in the characters in this one. It was too short for me to really get into.


“Dominated” by Ava Delany (ebook)
This is another short story featuring the always in control Jacqueline and her friends who are out for a night of excitement. Jacqueline meets the owner of the club the girls go to and finds a dominant lover who can make her let go. I did find this story rather sexy, but like many others too short for me.


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