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Sunday, 26 February 2012 14:55

Review: Lust in the Library

Written by Jennifer Porter
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LustLibrary“Lust in the Library” by Amelia Fayer (erotic, Avon Red, February 2012, $0.99, 96pp): First off, I was intrigued by the title of this book. As a librarian, I can’t help but be interested in books that feature libraries or librarians. It is a bit of a compulsion. So, I didn’t bother to actually read a description of this one before I requested an e-ARC. I mention this because “Lust in the Library” was not what I was expecting it to be. It actually has two separate although related stories, and in my opinion is much closer to erotica than erotic romance. While I do read erotica, I much prefer erotic romance – and generally don’t review erotica. This all makes me a bit uncomfortable or unsure about how to discuss my reaction to these two stories, especially since this one didn't work so well for me.


The first story is “Necking in Nonfiction” and explores the blossoming sexual relationship between Sara, the librarian, and William, a researcher. Sara and William are attracted to each other, but neither have been able to make a move – until Sara tracks William down in the stacks one day. This leads to a hot and heavy necking session that is followed by some oral sex in the elevator, some solo action in the stacks and the big finish in Sarah’s office behind the circulation desk.



In “Fornicating in Fiction,” student-worker Veronica and fellow student Andrew reconnect after a BIG misunderstanding. The two had been seeing each other before Veronica spied Andrew kissing her drunken roommate, ostensibly only to get said roommate to leave the party. So, the two are at odds with Andrew in hot pursuit. In a very similar fashion to “Necking in Nonfiction,” the characters make out a bit in Veronica’s office, engage in some masturbatory action in the art book section (while Veronica worries about Andrew ruining the book - which cracks me up) before the two resolve their issues and get it on in her office.


Out of the two stories, “Necking in Nonfiction” is the stronger. I bought the attraction between Sara and William and felt there was genuine heat in their relationship. I was fine with their dalliance in the stacks and their elevator escapade. However, I couldn’t suspend my disbelief for the sex in the office behind the circulation desk – where neither character seemed to be bothered by the fact that their activities could be heard in their library. I didn’t find this sexy.


Unfortunately, the BIG misunderstanding in “Fornicating in Fiction” colored the entire story for me. Andrew really believes the only way to remove a drunken woman from a frat party is to kiss her? He doesn’t understand why Veronica would be bothered by this? Because I felt that this conflict was odd, I couldn’t connect with the story or with the couples' erotic adventures.


I also believe that my personal knowledge and experience of libraries hurt my reaction to the book. Because I work in a library, I don’t find them sexy. I also can’t get over the fact that Sara and William thought it appropriate to have sex in a rather public office area of an open library. This would be a good way to lose one’s job – and offend the patrons.


“Lust in the Library” is a problematic book for me. There isn’t enough character development for me to sympathize with the characters because of the emphasis on their erotic relationships. Also, the premise of the second story drove me rather batty and quite honestly, made me feel old. The erotic elements showed promise, and I would really like to read another story by Fayer that took place outside of a library – to see if my library knowledge played a part in my reactions.


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