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Review: Impact

Written by Jennifer Porter
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Impact“Imapact” by Cassandra Carr (erotic, Ellora’s Cave, February 2011, $7.50, 114pp): Connor Raub is a professional bull rider and also a Dom. However, he only indulges his dominant tendencies at an exclusive BDSM club afraid that the conservative people and sponsors in the world of bull riding wouldn’t understand his personal lifestyle choices. Yet, he is intrigued by the new girl working with the tour, Jessica Talbot and has a hard time restraining his desires.


Jessica is of course a submissive, one who has lusted after Connor since seeing him engaged in a scene at his club. She is flattered when Connor expresses interest in her, but then disappointed when he balks at indulging in kink. He adamantly believes that they need to keep their relationship vanilla because of his career.



This doesn’t stop Jessica from pushing Connor though. They have an intense sexual attraction, and soon Connor can’t deny his need to dominate. Connor takes the reigns and finds that Jessica is exactly the type of submissive that completes him.


Interestingly, when problems do arise, they do not come as a result of Connor being outed as a Dom. I admit that I was a bit disappointed that this was not the source of the conflict that threatened Connor and Jessica’s relationship. I really thought this was the direction in which Carr was headed. My surprise over the source of the conflict was significant, and made some of the latter part of the story drag a bit.


Fortunately, the erotic parts of the story more than made up for this. The chemistry between Jessica and Connor was undeniable – and quite sexy. Connor as a reluctant Dom appealed tremendously as a hero. I also loved how Jessica had to convince Connor that she truly needed his to be his submissive.


Cassandra Carr’s “Impact” is a strong start to a new erotic series about professional bull riders – an intriguing profession for erotic romance heroes, especially those into BDSM. Carr has a knack for writing kink that will curl your toes.

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