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Tuesday, 31 January 2012 15:27

Review: Space in My Heart

Written by Jennifer Porter
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spaceinhisheartflat“Space in His Heart” by Roxanne St. Claire (romantic suspense, self-published, November 2011, $3.99, 285pp)




In romancelandia, there are lots of heroes with cool professions or personas: dukes, cowboys, doctors, military men, vampires, immortal warriors, FBI agents, firemen, etc. But, there is one fascinating profession that is seriously underrepresented – astronaut. They are men who wear flight suits, love to serve their country and have an unholy love of speed (btw, I would love to see a heroine astronaut too). Sounds like perfect hero material to me. As such, I was excited to learn that Roxanne St. Claire had written a romance featuring an astronaut in “Space in His Heart.” When she offered me a review copy, I could not say no. And the result is an action-packed, emotional thrill ride that even has a romance – a romance that made my heart very happy.



Jessica Marlowe is a PR businesswoman who is very committed to her job. She comes up with a big ad campaign to help boost NASA’s image – make the space program sexy. Handsome astronaut Deke Stockard is the perfect candidate to help capture the country’s attention and help make NASA relevant to the people again. The problem? Deke is busy trying to make sure that the space shuttle is safe to fly for its next, imminent mission. Something isn’t right with the security logs, and Deke would rather be spending his time securing the space craft than spending it talking to Leno and escorting actresses to movie premieres.


But Jessica cannot be swayed, and Deke must follow orders. As the two spend time working on the campaign, an intense attraction starts to get in the way of their work. Deke gets pulled away from the security checks while Jessica has to deal with dangerous office politics and jealous coworkers. It seems that someone wants her to fail and doesn’t mind compromising the space shuttle mission to aid the cause.


And then there is a very sick Russian cosmonaut on the International Space Station depending on a successful shuttle launch for critical medical care. When Deke must step in at the last minute to take over the mission, things on the space station get critical forcing the launch to be brought forward. Things get complicated and messy – especially Deke and Jessica’s fragile relationship. Will Jessica be there when Deke lands? Will the shuttle be read to fly? Will the astronauts reach the space station in time to save the cosmonaut? Will they make it home safely? Will an enemy succeed at destroying Jessica’s career? These questions had me in knots. The ending will definitely keep readers on the edge of their seats.


While the action is intense and the romance filled with lots of sexual tension, the setting is absolutely fascinating. The story takes place primarily at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida and contains lots of detailed information about NASA’s shuttle program. St. Claire pens a great tribute to this now defunct program that so many of us grew up admiring.


“Space in His Heart” will appeal to fans of romance, fans of the space shuttle and fans of astronauts. Admittedly, the suspense plot surrounding Jessica’s job and her evil coworkers irked somewhat, but this is easy to forget when compared to the roller coaster ride aboard the shuttle. The steamy romance, packed with combustible sexual tension, helped too. Hopefully, this book will help make hot, hunky astronauts more prevalent in romance. I know I’m sold on the idea!


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