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Review: The Male Stripper & The Stranger

Written by Jennifer Porter
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E_TheMaleStripper_250"The Male Stripper (Red Hot Fantasies)" (erotica, self-published/Edge of Ecstasy, December 2011, $0.99, 42pp) and "The Stranger (Red Hot Fantasies)" (erotica, self-published/Edge of Ecstasy, January 2012, $0.99, 30pp) by Opal Carew

Opal Carew has a new erotica series featuring several women friends who each fulfill their deepest fantasies. Each woman's fantasy is detailed in a very brief story. I would consider these stories to be erotica rather than erotic romance as there is little-to-no character development and no happy ending (well, I guess that depends on your definition of a happy ending).

The first story is "The Male Stripper" and has Becca's fantasy of getting down and dirty with a gorgeous and hot male stripper that she hired for a friend's bachelorette party. But she gets a little bit more than she bargained for when Cal the stripper returns to her house later that evening with his friend Don in tow. Not only do they fulfill Becca's fantasy, but also Don's – which involves a female client getting frisky during an audition. A night of sexy dancing and erotic pleasure ensues with the three.


E_TheStranger_250In the second story, "The Stranger," Jan's friends help indulge her desire to have sex with a stranger while blindfolded. Her friends find a perfect fantasy man and set up the scene so that Jan can safely get her night of pleasure. Jan never sees the man who makes her dreams a reality, but gets everything she ever dreamed of from her mystery man. Fortunately, her friends know how to contact the stranger when both he and Jan are longing for another meeting.

While these stories are separate, they are about the same group of friends. Thus, we see the women, and possibly their new lovers, in successive stories. I think (having only read two) that they probably will work best together.

These stories are steamy tidbits that focus primarily on the women's sexcapades. I have a slight preference for "The Male Stripper" mostly because we got to meet the male characters. In "The Stranger," the man is anonymous, so there is very little of his personality. However, they are both quite steamy – something that shouldn't surprise fans of Opal Carew. I'm looking forward to the upcoming installments to see which fantasies Carew tackles next.

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