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Sunday, 29 January 2012 19:48

Review: Without Regret

Written by Jennifer Porter
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Without_Regret“Without Regret” by R.L. Mathewson (paranormal, September 2011, self-published, $0.99, 399pp)


Series: The Sentinels (book 1)


Chris Williams is a Sentinel, a sort of super-human who protects the world from evil-immortal types, especially vampires. A set number of Sentinels are born with an equal number of males and females, giving each a mate. Chris has been waiting for years to finally meet his mate since the Sentinels lost track of her. Unfortunately, Isabella wasn’t raised to be aware of her affiliation – causing some severe anxiety for the Sentinels.



Isabella is a computer genius who makes money by hijacking corporations’ computer systems. When the vampires decide to kidnap her, she is brought to the attention of the Sentinels. Knowing that she has to be Chris’ mate, they deliver Isabella to him. Chris is highly disappointed and frustrated by the reality of his mate, who doesn’t seem to be able to tap into her Sentinel super powers.


Chris is determined to send his imperfect mate away to an isolated island where she won’t be in danger. But he is also held the grip of lust, something he hasn’t been able to feel for any other woman. When danger follows the pair, the enforced togetherness leads them to indulge their physical desires. While they do begin to bond, Chris is slow, very slow, to deal rationally with his growing feelings for Isabella.


And, I have to say that Chris is a bit of an asshat. He repeatedly pushed Isabella away, making grand plans without consulting her and being a bit mean. His attitude worsens dramatically when Isabella learns she is pregnant. Forced into a corner by her mate’s bad attitude, Isabella has to fend for herself, find a place with the Sentinels and with Chris’ family. Part of me (a big part) wished that Isabella had made Chris grovel a whole lot more before forgiving him.


Beyond Chris and Isabella’s romance, there is a compelling suspense plot involving political intrigue with the vampires, werewolves and Sentinels. Logan, a vampire, wants Isabella and her computer virus for some grand scheme that is never fully revealed. He employs his one-time best friend, but now hated enemy, Kale to track the girl. There is a fascinating relationship between Logan and Kale – and between Logan and Chris’ human sister, Jill. I assume that these are teaser storylines for future Sentinel books.


The strengths of Mathewson’s world are her characters. Readers will come to care for them and get caught up in their stories. Chris’ asshattery aside, the characters are engaging and realistic (well, except for their immortalness). I can’t wait to find out what happens to Joshua, Jill and Logan and Kale.


In order to get some backstory about the Sentinels and their world, readers might want to read “Tall, Dark & Lonely,” Mathewson’s first Pyte novel. This one introduces Chris and his family.


With “Without Regret,” Mathewson has put some serious time into tightening her world-building and her suspense storytelling skills. There are still some confusing aspects to the relationship among the Sentinels, the Pytes and the vampires, but the character development makes up for this deficit.


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