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Sunday, 15 January 2012 19:52

Jennifer's Weekly Reads - January 9 - 15, 2012

Written by Jennifer Porter
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“Last Spy Standing” by Dana Marton (ebook, review copy)
See review


RNNREad2-3“Going Down” by Saskia Walker (ebook)
This is one hot story. Jennifer’s sexual exploration with the dominant Armand is a great read. This story had me hooked from the beginning.


“The Playground” by Sascha Illyvich (ebook)
While I enjoyed this book, I never really connected with Shelly. The start of the playground scene, however, was rather steamy (I wished they had finished it there).



RNNREad2-3“Lothaire” by Kresley Cole (ebook)
Lothaire is one of those heroes whose HEA has been a long time coming. I expected his story to be filled with violence and destruction and was surprised that there wasn’t more death and dismemberment. Ellie made a great match for him. This book was seriously sexy. Be prepared for Lothaire to be a wicked ass on many an occasion – but he couldn’t have been anything else. This book is a masterpiece – paranormal romance at its best.


“Styles of Passion” by Sara Kingston (ebook)
I had some trouble getting into this story, but I think it might have been me. I was in the middle of doing several things and kept getting pulled away from this story. I wanted to finish it, and started skimming heavily. The Big Misunderstanding because of the heroine’s experience with her ex-husband wasn’t my favorite. Aside from this, I did like the way that the hero rocked the heroine’s world.


“The Locked Heart” by Christina Thacher (ebook)
One night changes everything for Darby and Damien. Darby is stranded at a hotel when her flight is cancelled. Damien, the hotel’s owner, spots her there and can’t resist inviting Darby to his room for a wild night involving Darby’s submission. The two click, but live many hours apart. Darby is interested in pursuing the relationship and learning more about D/s. However, Damien is very apprehensive. This is a great story, and I look forward to reading more from this author.


RNNREad2-3“The Lesson Plan” by Jackie Barbosa (ebook, review copy)
See review


“And the Ranch Hand Makes Three” by Paige Tyler (ebook)
This story features a husband and wife who have a particular fetish. The husband likes it when his wife has sex with other men (usually their ranch hands). Here, the wife seduces the newest ranch hand and then invites him to be a third. I guess this scenario isn’t one that I really like. I read plenty of ménage romances, but this angle doesn’t work for me.


“The Submission Challenge” by Jennifer Denys (ebook)
Rebecca scoffs at her best-friend’s brother’s lifestyle as a dominant. As a result, Jon challenges Rebecca to be his submissive for a weekend to learn about it. This one is interesting because Rebecca does not have a submissive personality. She does learn that she enjoys giving up control in the bedroom. Jon learns that he needs to be challenged. This was my first book by Jennifer Denys, and I enjoyed it quite a bit.


“Zane’s Way” by Maggie Casper (ebook, re-read)
This one was free at Amazon this week. I thought that I had read this one previously and was right. I like the premise of a couple learning about each other’s hidden sexual fantasies. My one problem is that the two are in a committed relationship, but each is looking to meet someone else to fulfill their needs – without ever thinking to talk about things. The sexy bits are intense and hot, but the deliberate way these two continue about their relationship while actively looking for more isn’t my favorite thing.


“Secretary for Two” by Sindra van Yssel (ebook)
In this one, a man and his secretary have the hots for each other, but neither are willing to act. The boss’ identical twin brother decides to take matters into his own hands and demand the secretary’s submission. He masquerades as his brother. I admittedly got confused sometimes about which was which. I like the story much better when the deception was unveiled and the two brothers decided to work together. Overall, I like the way that Sindra van Yssel writes scenes between dominants and their submissives. They are very steamy.


“The Husband Hunt” by Lysany Sands (ebook, review copy, NetGalley)
Review to come; book releases 2/28/2012

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