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Wednesday, 04 January 2012 20:38

Review: Sunrise with a Notorious Lord

Written by Jennifer Porter
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Sunrisewithanotoriouslord“Sunrise with a Notorious Lord” by Alexandra Hawkins (historical, St. Martins, January 2012, $7.99, 304pp)


Series: the Lords of Vice

  • “All Night with a Rogue” – Juliana and Sin
  • “Til Dawn with the Devil” – Sophia and Reign
  • “After Dark with a Scoundrel” – Regan and Dare


The meddling mother is a staple character in romance novels, and Alexandra Hawkins plays on this theme in her latest installment of the Lords of Vice series, “Sunrise with a Notorious Lord.” The Marchioness of Netherley wants her son, Christopher Courtland, Earl of Vanewright, to marry, and she isn’t afraid to pull out all the stops to ensure a successful campaign. These machinations give “Sunrise with a Notorious Lord” an entertaining twist that makes this romance one to remember.



Vanewright, or Vane, is a member of a scandalous group of London rakes known as the Lords of Vice. He is a hunted man whose mother hounds him at every turn about finding a wife. Not ready, Vane is weary of her plots and is desperate to escape the bonds of matrimony. But his father ups the ante, threatening to cut Vane off if he doesn’t find a bride – and adds a healthy dose of guilt. Meanwhile, Vane is entranced when he meets Isabel Thorne, a woman he would like to have fill the newly vacant position of his mistress.


But Vane’s meeting with Isabel is anything but a coincidence. Isabel and her sister, Delia, are in London at the request of Lady Netherley, who believes that Delia will be a good match for Vane. Yet Vane is immediately drawn to Isabel, and it is Isabel that he follows around London – almost everywhere. Without even being entirely aware of it, Vane is firmly caught in Isabel’s web.


Of course, Isabel is just as enamored of Vane as he is of her. But, she worries about her agreement with Vane’s mother to push Delia and Vane together. Then, there is her somewhat fictitious fiancé, a story Isabel hoped would help keep Vane at arm’s length. Neither prevents Vane from his pursuit.


I have to say that I adore this series. The Lords of Vice are some seriously awesome and rakish heroes who fall hard when they find love. All of the lords make an appearance at various points in this book, including Frost, the most notorious and enigmatic of the group. I can admit that I have an unhealthy crush on Frost and wish he had more screen time here.


Lady Netherly is a fabulous character. She comes across at times as a bit manipulative. However, she does love her son and does have his best interests at heart in the end. I did question her motives sometimes because anyone should’ve been able to tell that Vane and Delia were in no way compatible.


Out of the four lords who have found love, Vane is the most accepting of the emotion. His issues arise when he discovers his mother’s master matrimonial plan. He is more easy going than most of his compatriots, but his emotions run deep when he thinks he has been deceived.


“Sunrise with a Notorious Lord” is a bit more light hearted in tone than its predecessors. But its romance is filled with longing looks and lots of electricity. The conflict may not be as deep as it is in the other books, but this works for Vane and Isabel. This book is smart, sexy and fun. Alexandra Hawkins has yet to disappoint.


Check out the book trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1c8VLqWEqEU&feature=youtu.be


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