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Review: Nobody's Hero

Written by Jennifer Porter
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NobodysHero“Nobody’ Hero” by Kallypso Masters (erotic, December 2011, self-published, $3.99, 626kb, ebook)


Series: Rescue Me

  • “Masters at Arms” – introduction
  • “Nobody’s Angel” – Marc and Angelina’s story
  • “Nobody’s Hero” – Adam and Karla’s story
  • Damian’s story is next




I can’t quite remember where or when I heard about Kallypso Masters’ Rescue Me series (although it was probably on Twitter). I was immediately intrigued by the concept – a series about a trio of military men bonded by war who run a BDSM club after they leave the service. Having read the first two stories in the series, I couldn’t resist when the opportunity to read a review copy of “Nobody’s Hero” arose. Master Adam had already grabbed my attention, and I needed to read his story.


This series begins with “Masters at Arms,” an introductory look at the men of the series: Adam, Marc and Damian. We get a backstory on each (Adam and Damien meet their heroines in this one) and then see how the three become close while fighting overseas. Next is “Nobody’s Angel” which is primarily Marc and Angelina’s story. Then, in this one, Adam and Karla get their happily ever after. I feel it is important to put this information in this review because readers probably need to read the series in order to get the most out of it. Adam and Karla meet in “Masters at Arms,” and there is quite a bit of set up for their romance in “Nobody’s Angel.”


Karla met Adam when she was sixteen and in trouble while attempting to run away from home. The forty-one year Adam rescued Karla forging a strong bond between the two. Nine years later, Karla arrives on Adam’s doorstop after losing her recording contract and her brother. She ends up singing in his club, despite being very uncomfortable with the lifestyle she encounters there. But she loves Adam and realizes that she needs to understand the dominant/submissive dynamic that he would demand.


Karla makes her move to get Adam to take her seriously after he is badly injured trying to protect her (events from “Nobody’s Angel”). She wears him down until Adam is willing to train her to be his submissive. There is some tension between the two over Karla’s perception that Adam wants or needs a 24/7 slave, like his first wife, rather than a submissive. Adam magnifies this misconception as he attempts to scare Karla, believing himself too old for her.


The relationship is complicated by Karla’s insecurity over her ability to fulfill Adam’s sexual needs and his unresolved feelings about his first wife and her death. Adam is acutely concerned about the twenty-five year age difference. This makes for a bit of back and forth as Adam really struggles to deal with emotions that he would prefer to keep buried. His angst leapt off the page. There were definitely tines that I wondered how Karla kept fighting for his love.


I really enjoyed the way that Kallypso Masters deals with Karla’s sexuality. Is she truly submissive or is she turned on by fulfilling Adam’s needs? I think the answer is a combination of the two. Karla tries hard to be a slave, but she doesn’t have that in her. She is too strong to give up that much of her personality and independence. This internal struggle on Karla’s part was one of my favorite parts of the book.


The other thing that I loved about this book is Adam, or Master Adam. I can’t resist a dominant, military man who thinks he isn’t worthy of a woman’s love. He is a fascinating character who takes care of everyone around him (Marc, Damian, Karla, and others). Hence whey the thought of him having a slave is rather laughable. He is the glue that holds his group together. So far, he is the most compelling of Masters’ characters in this series.


Kallypso Masters has created a fascinating world in her Rescue Me series. “Nobody’s Hero” is a fabulous addition. It has an emotional romance, and it is wickedly sexy. I am absolutely hooked on this series and will be reading the forthcoming installments.

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