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Wednesday, 28 December 2011 17:32

Review: Melt

Written by Jennifer Porter
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Melt“Melt” by Natalie Anderson (contemporary, Entangled, December 2011, $2.99, 97pp): When I noticed that Entangled was looking for people who could commit to a quick read and review of Natalie Anderson’s “Melt,” I couldn’t resist. I was very impressed by Anderson’s “Dating and Other Dangers” which I read earlier this year (unfortunately, this hasn’t been released in the U.S. yet). This led me to read more about “Melt,” a romance that takes place in Antarctica. I liked the sound of it. And I’m glad that I did. “Melt” is a great holiday read that is perfect for readers during this cold, holiday season (for those of us in the northern hemisphere at any rate).



Emma is an artist from New Zealand who wins a contest to paint a wall mural on the American base in Antarctica. While prepping for her trip “down,” she meets Hunter, an American engineer who is also on his way to the ice. Hunter is making the journey in order to avoid having to spend time with his family during the Christmas holiday. He is gorgeous, a bit full of himself and a shameless flirt. Emma can’t help but be attracted to him, but she has no intention of having a fling on her two-week trip.


Hunter is rather relentless in his pursuit of Emma early on in the story. However, Emma knows that she isn’t capable of having a casual relationship and knows this is all Hunter is offering. Eventually, he realizes that Emma means what she says and lightens up on the flirtatious seduction. Instead, Hunter takes Emma sightseeing, determined to make sure that she loosens up and enjoys her time on the ice.


When Emma’s departure is delayed, she must spend Christmas with Hunter. The two have a great holiday together and can’t resist giving in to their intense attraction. When the sun comes up – oh wait, the sun doesn’t come up – Emma must say goodbye to the man she has come to love. Neither one sees much of a future for their relationship since Emma lives in New Zealand and Hunter wanders the globe and is based in New York. But each has time to think when they are alone, realizing that they have something special.


I found “Melt” to be a cute and charming romance. The exotic setting rocked, and I felt as if I was l learning something about life in Antarctica (i.e. about all of the condoms that are shipped down there suggesting that there is quite a night life). I would have liked to have seen the characters of Emma and Hunter develop a bit more beyond their “I have trust issues” and “I’m afraid of commitment” personas, but this is probably due to the short length of the story.


Take a journey down and give “Melt” a try. It will put a smile on your face and give you an intriguing glimpse into life near the South Pole.

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