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Tuesday, 13 December 2011 17:04

Review: Caught

Written by Jennifer Porter
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CASSANDRACARR_CAUGHT_coversm“Caught” by Cassandra Carr (erotic, Loose Id, December 2011, $4.99, 373kb): Looking for a sexy, holiday read with BDSM elements? Definitely consider Cassandra Carr’s “Caught,” a story of Jack, a dominant, reunited with Callie, his one-time submissive. When Callie returns to her home town for the holidays three years after leaving Jack and their relationship, the two run into each other and fall back into their previous roles. Their relationship heats up very quickly.


The crux of the conflict in “Caught,” like in so many romance novels, has to do with love. Callie left Jack because she had fallen in love with him and was sure that Jack did not return her feelings. This left things between the two unresolved, a situation that Callie definitely planned to deal with on her trip home.



Jack, meanwhile, has no real idea why Callie had left. He worries that he had pushed her too hard, had asked her (or I suppose told her) to do things with which she had been uncomfortable. This does make Jack a bit apprehensive about the renewed relationship, although he doesn’t show any hesitation when it comes to picking up the reigns. He only lets his uncertainty out when asking his friend for relationship advice.


Like many romance heroes, Jack doesn’t really want to be in love and has a difficult time recognizing the emotion. His dominant propensities seem to magnify his inability to admit his feelings because he doesn’t see love as being part and parcel of a contracted dom/sub relationship. And like I often do with romance heroes who seem to think that if they don’t say “I love you,” they can avoid the emotion entirely, I wanted to shake Jack and tell him that just because he doesn’t want to say the words doesn’t mean that they aren’t true – and call him a dumbass.


Beyond the struggle over emotional commitment, the rest of the book focuses on the dom/sub aspects of Jack and Callie’s relationship. Jack is a hardcore dom. While their relationship doesn’t necessarily seem to be a 24/7 one, Jack is a lifestyle dom who does exert control over Callie outside of the bedroom. This makes for some intense scene play that may make some readers uncomfortable. Also, while this isn’t a domestic discipline story, there is a heavy emphasis on corrective or disciplinary spanking. But overall, I think the scenes are well written and incredibly erotic.


“Caught” is definitely not for those who don’t appreciate heavy BDSM elements in their erotic romance. However, it is a great choice for those who do. It is a quick read (ie short), one that packs a serious punch. It definitely made quite an impression on me.


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