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Thursday, 08 December 2011 18:54

Review: A Man of His Word

Written by Jennifer Porter
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AManofHisWord_Cover_Sarah_Anderson“A Man of His Word” by Sarah M. Anderson (contemporary, Harlequin Desire, December 2011, $4.99, 192pp)




I started my romance reading career reading Harlequins and Silhouettes. As my tastes changed, I started reading full-length romances instead, buying categories only for my favorite authors (Carole Mortimer, Diana Palmer, Penny Jordan, Margaret Way, etc). These days, it isn’t often that I find myself sitting down with a Harlequin book. However, I couldn’t resist reading Sarah M. Anderson’s debut book, “A Man of His Word” when I had the chance. And boy, did this one make me remember how much I like categories, especially Harlequin Desires (although I can’t get used to the name/brand change).



Dan Armstrong is a Texas tycoon whose uncle drags him to South Dakota because of threats to an ongoing company project. The company that Dan runs with his uncle is trying to build a dam, but is getting trouble from the local Native Americans whose land would be flooded by the construction. The uncle hopes Dan can sweet talk the Native American lawyer, Rosebud Donnelly into giving up her family’s claim.


Rosebud, though, is no shrinking violet. Even knowing that she may lose her bid to stop the dam, she can’t help but fight for her way of life. Dan, however, is a businessman who is more interested in the truth and doing the right thing than in making money at others’ expenses. Plus, he is drawn to the prickly Rosebud.


Dan and Rosebud begin working closely as Dan investigates the situation. They bond, learning more and more about each other – and begin a steamy, if somewhat clandestine, affair. As odd things start to happen, Dan becomes convinced that it is his uncle who is in the wrong. He develops a viable solution to the problem of the land claim, only to have his uncle pull the rug out from under his feet.


“A Man of His Word” charmed me right from the start. Rosebud Donnelly shines as a unique Native American princess trying to do the best she can for her people in less than ideal conditions. And Dan Armstrong is a great hero who believes in doing the right thing. The sparks between the two ignite the pages and made me believe in the power of true love. And just so you know, the uncle is as evil a bad guy as they come. Fortunately, Rosebud and Dan are able to give him exactly what he deserves.


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Book Disclosures:

An e-copy of "A Man of His Word" was provided for review by the author


Sarah M. Anderson reviewed books for Romance Novel News at one time. Sarah worked with Carolyn which is why Jennifer read and reviewed this book.

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