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Saturday, 26 November 2011 21:33

Book Thoughts - She Can Run

Written by Jennifer Porter
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SHE-CAN-RUN-cover-199x300“She Can Run” by Melinda Leigh (romantic suspense, November 2011, Montlake, $13.95, 334pp): One of Montlake Romance’s early releases, Melinda Leigh’s “She Can Run” is a tale of romantic suspense that will impress readers. It is the story of Elizabeth Baker, a battered woman who is on the run with her two children after witnessing something that her husband is willing to kill to keep quiet. She ends up at the remote Pennsylvania estate of Jake O’Malley, an ex-cop who is recuperating from an on-the-job incident and trying to figure out where his life is headed.


Beth, twelve-year old Ben and seven-year old Katie arrive in Pennsylvania bruised, afraid and in need of help. Jack knows that something isn’t right about Beth’s story, but he can’t help his desire to protect her and her family. Determined to learn what has spooked Beth and her family, Jack opens his home hoping he can provide a safe haven.



With the help of Jack’s lovable dog Henry, the Baker’s settle in. Katie and Ben begin to relax under the gentle care of Jack and Mrs. Harris, the housekeeper. Beth turns to Jack when she has nightmares and slowly comes to care for her handsome savior.


But someone worse than a vengeful husband is also after Beth. A dangerous serial killer has Beth in his sights. Jack has his hands full trying to protect the woman he is coming to love. Fortunately, Henry is also on Beth’s side. An ex-police dog, Henry ends up being Beth’s first line of defense when the danger touches her.


“She Can Run” has the hallmarks of a good romantic suspense – a strong heroine in trouble, a hero who recognizes the danger and some very evil bad guys. Added to the mix are some scared kids and a dog that readers will want for their own.


I was impressed with Leigh’s portrayal of Beth, Ben and Katie as victim of abuse. They were skittish and self-contained, unsure if they could trust anyone. Little Katie is especially afraid of men, and my heart almost broke every timed she backed away or hid from any male characters. It takes all three characters a lot of time to open up, but it is quite wonderful when they do.


As a result of the abuse, the romance between Beth and Jack takes quite a while to develop - which fits the story perfectly. The romance is sweet in tone. However, it is somewhat overshadowed by the stronger suspense plot.


I didn’t know what to expect when I started “She Can Run.” I was extremely interested in reading it because I’m very curious about the books that Amazon is publishing under its Montlake imprint. “She Can Run” gave me a very positive feeling about Montlake although I do believe that neither the cover nor the title do the book (or Montlake) justice.


“She Can Run” is a romantic suspense worth reading. Leigh hooks readers from page one, creating a well-crafted and intricate suspense plot that will not disappoint. I look forward to seeing what Melinda Leigh and Montlake put out next.


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