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Thursday, 24 November 2011 08:49

Book Thoughts - Hold Me

Written by Jennifer Porter
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Hold_Me“Hold Me” by Lucianne Rivers (contemporary, Entangled, July 2011, $0.99, 191kb)


Series: The Caldwell Series

  1. “Hold Me” – Jane Caldwell & Harrison DeNeuve
  2. “Thrill Me” – Margo Caldwell & Adrian Prince
  3. “Entice Me” – Allison Caldwell & Robert Rivera




“Hold Me” is the first book in Lucianne Rivers’ series about Jane, Margo and Allison Caldwell, three sisters who are thrown for a loop after their mother dies and her will is read. The will reveals that Zach Caldwell, the father they all believed dead, is actually not. In “Hold Me,” Jane travels to Guatemala after receiving word that her missing father may be living there. Lost in an area that seems so foreign without the necessary language skills, Jane ends up in serious need of help. Fortunately, help comes in the form of the ex-patriot, Harrison DeNeuve.


Harrison, a man with a secret and difficult past of his own, happens to be heading home – in the same direction as Jane. When there are no available accommodations, Harrison offers Jane a place to stay. He also gets embroiled in Jane’s quest to locate Zach. There is an intense attraction between the two, something for which neither is prepared.


Harrison isn’t sure about the man they find who claims to be Zach. It has been many years since Jane saw her father, and something about the situation seems off. As such, Harrison decides to accompany Jane and Zach back to the U.S. It is a good thing because this allows Harrison to be there for Jane when the expected happens.


I enjoyed “Hold Me.” The romance is engaging, although it is a bit rushed. The suspense plot is intriguing, as a start to the larger thread involving Zach Caldwell. I believe that the suspense plot will continue to unfold over the next two books – and I’m looking forward to finding out how this plays out.


“Hold Me” is a short story, and this is the main reason why the romance feels a little too quick. While I haven’t read the second and third stories in the series yet, my sense is that they will work best as a unit. In other words, one needs to read all three to get the complete story.


I was pleasantly surprised by “Hold Me.” Lucianne Rivers did a very good job creating sympathetic characters about whom it is easy to care. While a longer work would have made the happily ever after between Harrison and Jane more believable, Rivers makes the most of the 76 pages that she puts into this one.


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