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Wednesday, 02 November 2011 17:34

Author Interview: Rebecca Sinclair

Written by Jennifer Porter
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RebeccaSinclair_CaliforniaCaress_200pxRNN welcomes author Rebecca Sinclair. Find out more about Rebecca, her 10 year hiatus from writing and her foray into writing a YA.


California Caress is the latest of Rebecca's backlist to be digitized and Rebecca preferred to have this cover over a picture of her.



Q: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

A: Sure. My name is Rebecca Sinclair and I am a romance novelist...and, no, I'm not ashamed. <g> My career started in the 1980s, when I sold my first book to Zebra Books, a division of Kensington Books. That was California Caress. Since, I have sold a total of 14 novels, including one ebook, Murphy's Law— that brings us up to the in the very late 1990s. I then took 10 years away from writing due, in no small part, to a rather nasty divorce; tbh, I found it difficult to write good things about a man, any man, when all I wanted to do to the very next one I saw was, well, let's just say “edited for content.” Of course the urge to write came back, and when it did, I booted up the computer (well, no, a different computer, and it had been used in the meantime) and got busy.

Q: On your website, you mention that you are working on a YA novel. How did that come about?

A: I had the niblet of an idea for a story that wouldn't work as a romance (although it is a bit romancey; I am a romance writers first and foremost), but that I thought would be ideal for a younger audience. Plus, I felt a little restless, like I needed to stretch my wings a wee bit, challenge myself.

Endless and Rapture are the result.

Q: Which book would you recommend to a reader who is not familiar with your work?

A: That would depend on the taste of the reader. If you like Scottish books, I'd start with Perfect Strangers. For something more modern and set in America, the 19c American West to be specific, maybe start with Montana Wildfire. I say “maybe” because I'm trying to select from the books available now, and it's hard for me to pick between that book and California Caress. Personally, I like them both. :) Last, to satisfy a taste for a short contemporary, there's Murphy's Law, which was only released as an ebook.

Q: Is it difficult to get back to writing after a self-imposed ten-year sabbatical?

A: Not at all. At least it wasn't for me. I think, maybe because I had been been away from it for so long, I was hungry to put words down on the page and I just ate the whole process up in huge gobbles. Before I could let myself stop and feel any twinges of apprehension or doubt about starting over, I'd finished (the rough draft of) two books.

Q: What can we expect in the near future from the pen of Rebecca Sinclair?

A: First I want to finish up Rapture, which brings the story begun in Endless to a satisfying conclusion. I realize trilogies, etc. are all the rage right now, but this story just didn't need more room than two books. I also have a sexy historical time-travel in store. The manuscript is done, I'm just neatening (read: being ever-the-perfectionist, I've torn apart the beginning because I hate it, and now have no idea how to put it back together again! lol).

Q: Please you tell us about some of your favorite romance novels?

A: So many titles, so little time and space... The list has to start off with Tom & Sharon Curtis's The Windflower and Lightning that Lingers—I love the quirky way they look at life. And, of course, the romance novel I cut my teeth on, Green Darkness by Anya Seton—that's the one I got caught snitching out of very dark, very mysterious depths of the very back, top shelf of my mom's closet when I was a young girl, and .Phantom by Susan Kay.  More recently, I'm loving the Archangel series by Nalini Singh and  Lords of the Underworld books by Gena Showalter.


Thanks to Rebecca Sinclair for joining us here at RNN.


For more information check out Rebecca's website at http://www.rebeccasinclair.com/.

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