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Saturday, 29 October 2011 10:47

Book Thoughts - The Viper

Written by Jennifer Porter
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Viper“The Viper” by Monica McCarty (historical, Ballantine, October 2011, $7.99, 416pp)


Series: Highland Guard

  1. “The Ranger”
  2. “The Hawk”
  3. “The Chief”
  4. “The Viper”
  5. “The Saint”




This is one of those books that I decided to read because it kept staring at me - and the cover is very easy on the eyes. Of course, there was also some buzz about the title in the online romance community. Normally, this isn’t the type of book that I would read. While I adore historical romance, I do not care for romances that take place during the Middle Ages, nor do I have much patience for those set in Scotland. It drives me batty when authors use Scottish dialect in dialogue. Too many “Ooch lassies” and/or “Ya kens” will give me a headache and force me to stop reading. So, a romance set in Medieval Scotland is one that I would usually avoid. Yet I had to see what Monica McCarty and “The Viper” was all about.


And despite the fact that I hate the time period in which “The Viper” is set, Monica McCarty’s book impressed me. Lachlan MacRuairi is an impressive warrior hero who finds himself enthralled by the beauty of the woman he is escorting, Bella MacDuff. Lachlan is a loner who allows everyone to believe that he has no true loyalties to anyone other than the highest bidder. Yet, he is one of Robert Bruce’s most loyal guards.


Bella is a woman who has been badly abused by her much older husband. When given the opportunity to crown the king of Scotland, she agrees even though it puts her life in serious danger. She isn’t sure what to make of Lachlan, the man escorting her to Bruce’s coronation. He is crude, determined to have his way and unwilling to give into his desire for his beautiful charge. He is a Highlander who readers will definitely want for their own.


Bella and Lachlan are two people who have so much going against them: Bella’s marriage, Lachlan’s vow to never love again, the political climate – to name just a few. Yet, theirs is a love that cannot be denied. It survives betrayals, incarcerations, years of separation and war.


Ultimately, I found “The Viper” to be a book with an inspirational romance and some seriously hot romantic tension.The characters, especially those of Bruce’s secret Highland Guard, take hold of one’s imagination. They are all highly capable, burly warriors who fall hard when they meet the loves of their lives. I especially enjoyed the tumultuous nature of the romance as Bella and Lachlan spent lots of time battling each other.


Of course, now I’m in a tough spot. I’m absolutely hooked on the characters, especially the warriors. But, the time period is way too violent for me. Okay, really the situation isn’t all that difficult. The romance trumps the time period. I will absolutely be reading “The Saint” – I can’t wait to see what McCarty has in store for Magnus MacKay.


It is good to move out of one’s comfort zone every once in a while, because you might find an unexpected treasure. “The Viper” was an excellent choice to take me out of my comfort zone.


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