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Thursday, 20 October 2011 19:07

Book Thoughts - If You Hear Her

Written by Jennifer Porter
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IfYouHearHer“If You Hear Her” by Shiloh Walker (romantic suspense, Ballantine, October 2011, $7.99, 400pp)


****Spoiler Alert: I try hard to avoid giving away spoilers that may ruin the reading experience. But in this review, I do talk about a surprising facet to the ending of the book. I recommend that readers who dislike spoilers avoid this review.****


Lately, I have had a definite partiality for romantic suspense. If one comes in from a publisher, I can’t resist reading it, and this was definitely the case when an ARC of Shiloh Walker’s “If You Hear Her” arrived in my mailbox. I was excited to sit down and read this book. But something rather interesting happened while I was reading this one.



“If You Hear Her” is the story of Lena Riddle and Ezra King, and it takes place in the small, woodsy town of Ash, Kentucky. Lena is a chef working at a local bed and breakfast. She is blind. Ezra is a recent addition to Ash, retreating to the cabin left to him by his grandmother in order to heal the physical and mental wounds from his last case with the Kentucky State Police. He is on leave from his job.


The attraction between Lena and Ezra is immediate. Ezra doesn’t believe he is ready for a relationship and backs off. However when he learns that Lena is frightened by having heard a woman’s screams in the woods outside of her home, the cop in him cannot let it go. The two are determined to unravel the mystery.


Now, I am a bit obsessive about knowing how a book ends. I read romance because I am assured of a happy ending. However, there are times that I might wonder where an author is going, question what is going on with the hero and heroine or wonder about specific plot issues. When I worry that the answers to the questions might impact my overall reaction to the book, I read the end. This prepares me and can make me happier about the story.


So as I was reading “If You Hear Her,” I started wondering about some of the secondary characters, Law, Hope and Remy. There seemed to be some romantic tension between Hope and Remy even though a battered Hope comes to Ash to work for Law. I felt the need to know if these characters would be in the follow-up books, and if so, paired with whom. I also was concerned about where some of the story threads were heading. So, I read the end. And I was way surprised to learn that the romantic suspense plot was not resolved. It was almost like there was a big to-be-continued . . . tag at the end of the book.


Interestingly, I was not far enough into the book that this news ruined the rest of the story. However, I can say with absolute certainty that if I had not known this information, I would have been mighty unhappy when I got to the end of “If You Hear Her.” The bad guy is a psychopath who scared me silly. And, I wanted to know who he was.


In this case, reading the end of the book early on prepared me and helped to set my expectations appropriately. More importantly, it made my reading experience a very positive one when not doing so might have ruined it.


The other important thing to note about “If You Hear Her” is that it is scary. It revolves around a serial killer who hunts women, kidnaps them, tortures them and then kills them. The fact that much of this takes place in a dark, wooded area helped to set the frightening mood.


“If You Hear Her” is a very strong romantic suspense novel. I loved getting to know Lena and Ezra. Lena’s character was one of the few blind heroines that I’ve encountered, and this made her a more compelling character. The secondary characters also captured my imagination, and there is no way that I will be missing the next installments in this series.


Looking for a read to get into the mood for Halloween? Shiloh Walker’s “If You Hear Her“ will do the trick. The suspense plot will frighten, but the romance will make it all better.


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